Trump and Putin

Forget HealthCare – and all other domestic diversions! While we wrangle over non-urgent, national issues, exterior forces have hijacked our presidency --- and by extension are burrowing into the nerve centers of U.S. governmental control! The majority party in congress is giddy over its two-house plus presidential advantage, as well as the unexpected SCOTUS possibilities. It has desensitized itself to the foreign intrusion in our affairs. In its mad delirium, it does not realize that if it does not snap out of it, we will be headed down the road to national suicide!

Where are Former Presidents Number 40 to 44? Why are they cringing in this crisis? This is no time for that traditional, former presidential non-interference. Why have they not, as a bloc, convened in an advisory way, to urge the Congress immediately to establish a top-level, bipartisan commission to investigate Russia’s shenanigans with regard to our electoral process? Obviously, they must be as concerned as the rest of us (and may even be in communication with each other), but they had best act before it is too late!

While we are being mesmerized by healthcare, and whatever other shiny objects that may be dangled from the White House balcony, let us not ignore:

• The national leaders of Mexico, Australia, England and Germany have been affronted by the President of the United States.
• In contrast, the President of Russia has elicited not the slightest rebuke from POTUS – even as he continues his murderous campaign of eliminating his opposition.
• Obviously at the Russian dictator’s behest, very recently there has been a poisoning do-over; a 4-floor, Moscow apartment building fall; and a bodyguard shootout in Ukraine. Somehow, 2 victims survived.
• The above attempts are made in order to stymie investigations into bank laundries that extend from Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, to the USA.
• Utilizing a less lethal form of elimination, POTUS abruptly dismissed the squeaky clean, crack U.S. Attorney in New York who was investigating the very dirty money merry-go-round described above.
• Foundering nuclear-missile madness still prevails in the upper portion of the Korean peninsula. In the lower half, a recent presidential dismissal and local objections threaten the effectiveness of a U.S. installed, “Star Wars”-type defense unit.
• China is quiet, but not asleep with regard to its encroaching, oceanic hegemony moves.
• With frighteningly unpreventable increase in very effective vehicle and knife assaults, ISIS/ISIL/DAISCH has successfully converted its social media campaign for do-it-yourself Jihad into increasingly horrendous reality.
• Bereft of its customary staunch U.S. leadership, NATO is being shaken by Brexit and Putin in silent movie villain garb, while stroking his handlebar moustache and leering at the possibilities.
• The snubbing of NATO by our also press-snubbing Secretary of State helps matters not at all.

Thus is the state of our union.

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A national prayer once seemed quaint.
A big one now certainly ain’t.
Believe it or not,
It’s all that we’ve got.
Is parchment ink graffiti paint?

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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