Trump and Putin Matryoshka dolls

Eventually, Donald J. Trump’s perfidy will be revealed. Ceremoniously, he will be dumped from the presidency. (MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow will make sure of that – or die trying!) Those who have the power to do this already are quite aware of Trump’s’ traitorous coziness with Russia’s power, politics and filthy lucre. Treasonous weasels themselves, these U.S. power brokers are going to squeeze every bit of political advantage as possible from having one monogrammed as themselves in the White House. Nixon sold his soul to a domestic devil; Trump and his fellow conspirators are going big-time international!

The real meaning of, “Pride” is unknown to Donald Trump. Ergo, applying the term to him must needs include the qualifier, “False.” So, if The Donald wants to conserve any bit of that term for his putrid personhood, he would, whilst still treading water with one hand, and grasping the scrota (VeeGees included) of his congressional conspirators, he would, at least, make one indelible mark in the tapestry of history by accomplishing the following two acts, which are possible by him alone on this planet:

Number One

Obama’s goal for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to top it off with a single-payer provision. He was aware that Progressives had been salivating for universal health coverage for 100 years. HillaryCare came closest, but it went down in flames. With a bird in hand and two congressional houses in the bush, BHO decided to roll the dice. With congressional and judicial opposition at a fever pitch, he knew he would be lucky just to get the damned thing passed, so he decided to take what he could get, and seal, “Single Payer” in that can that he kicked down the road.

For the rest of his term, the major mantra of his opposition was to consign ACA to progressively deeper levels within Dante’s Inferno – sans the least iota of replacement legislation at the ready. Now, unexpectedly having caught up with the shiny object they had been chasing, they are grappling with the conundrum of how to retain its voter-friendly parts whilst obliterating the hated title and slapping a red tie onto it. The attempt has caused intermural chaos.

Now is your chance, DJT. With your flexible political leanings, and whilst currently occupying the cat-bird seat, you are the only one who is able to breach the divide and lead both factions to the healing balm of Single-Payer Calvary. That would be half of your penitence.

Number Two

The other half is another only-you-can-do project. It is the sanest of your campaign promises: repair the country’s grossly neglected infrastructure. You accurately have compared the disintegration of our airports to those of other countries, as well as the deterioration of our aging port facilities; the crumbling roads and bridges; the vulnerability of our communications facilities, etc. Everyone is aware of the trillion dollar price tag of this bold adventure. One side is willing to go along; the other side is not. You are the only one with the head-knocking or schmoozing credentials to get this done – now!

Perhaps these acts will not save your ass from the wall (No, not that wall), but they will save your soul on HealthCare and Infrastructure Calvary.

***** ***** *****

Rachel Maddow, you sure are brave.
Know you not how mafias behave?
When you skewer one,
You offend the son.
Hope it’s not you, the one to save!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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