Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary,

You certainly do have a pair --

Whether it’s Bill you must pillory

Or give up the band from your hair.

From Chi-Town to academia,

You knew you were headed straight up.

You knew, also, that feminalia 

Would make tough your path to the cup.

One day, while cramming, in library,

The stacks a Verona became.

Smitten, nonetheless you were wary,

Lest your thoughts were not both the same.

Thus did you fall into Fortune’s hand.

Who knew where this wild road would lead.

Forward you went, both, a single band,

Despite the road signs you’d not heed.

Okie, she’d only heard – now she was!

Aw, shucks, ain’t too hard, if you try.

Like Eva Perón, who was a cuz,

There’s only one limit: The Sky!

Sky-high they went – now become trio.

The world was their oyster and pearl.

But, was there a bit too much brio?

Yes, dark clouds around them did swirl.

Ol’ Hil, yes, was vaunted as hero,

An honor she quite took in stride.

Her score, fast, had shot up from zero.

So, buckle up, folks, for the ride.

One of a hundred, she now became.

Her pantsuit decorum did smash.

His’try would never forget her name;

For it, too, this pumped gal would bash.

Now, for that last rung – the golden ring –

Her time was now here, don’t ya know.

“Can’t you damn fools hear the angels sing?

Hark, now: It’s time for the big show!

“But wait -- are we being unbuckled?

“The ride is not over, just yet!”

Oh, yes, dear, you’re being uncoupled.

What part of, “You’ve lost,” don’t you get?

Foggy Bottom’s not bad, as it goes;

It may be just a bit dour.

It might be rough on the pantyhose;

Thank God it ain’t London Tower!

That was then; now it’s on; circle ‘round!

The last one standing’s dangerous, folks.

Let’s see which badass can stand his ground –

Can stand the hard questions and jokes!

“”It’s been an odyssey, that’s for sure;

“Not quite unlike that of the Greeks.

“I’ve gotten hear from the ocean floor;

“With rouge, I’ve still got rosy cheeks!”

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary,

It’s time to pick a Repub pal.

You need a puppet to pillory --

They’ll know they’ve been punched by a gal!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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