Mexican with cartridge belts and flag

The judge is on the bench. He is wearing a huge sombrero. He has Mexican Revolutionary-style, crossed cartridge belts over both shoulders, with a serape hanging down on one side. Mariachi music is playing, and a packed courtroom is tossing multicolored streamers. Donald Trump enters the courtroom.

THE JUDGE: Bienvenido, Meester Trromp. Welcome to San Diego. Since you are so adept at identifying Mexicans among the populace, I thought a fiesta with all the trimmings would be appropriate for your appearance. You will note, Meester Trromp, that the courtroom is decorated with the colors of the Mexican flag: green, white and red. The flag itself covers my dais. The emblem thereon, that of an eagle consuming a snake, you might recognize as a possible subject of your dreams, since the election.

Speaking thereof, and especially in regard to your vaunted wall – if, indeed, you do go through with it – my camaradas south of the border opine that the income of the Mexicans you probably would hire to build the wall, would contribute greatly to the economy of Mexico. The runoff thereof could possibly offset your ridiculous claim that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Incidentally, that post-election, traumatic intrigue inside the Trump Tower would cause Shakespeare to salivate. Allow me to enlighten the courtroom:

Your precious sun-in-law, defending the honor of his father in most Hamlet-like fashion, made short work of corpulent Governor Christie, the horse he rode in on and all the compass who accompanied him. The back-story is delicious!

As the self-described, “Gay American” Governor of New Jersey was going through his resignation ritual, after playing bedroom tiddley winks with his wife and a hunky Israeli whom he had named to a sensitive state government post, playing in the background was, “another one for the books” that has come to reverberate in the halls of the Trump penthouse.

The successful builder father of the Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner was being prosecuted and personally humiliated by that very same Chris Christie who just had his lips excised from the Trumpian posterior. It appears the brother-in-law of the elder Kushner had, “dropped a dime” on him. In turn, Kushner had hired a prostitute to entrap that SOB husband of his sister. He then had the fruits of that coupling delivered to his sister. In his successful prosecution peroration, Christie made it his business to stain the jail-bound elder Kushner with all the unsavory details of the latter’s vengeful acts.

Imagine Jared Kushner’s chagrin when the defeated presidential candidate Christie was drawn into the Trump Tower inner sanctum. Jared might have heard the words of Hamlet’s father’s ghost. Which urged Hamlet to avenge him against his brother, who had killed the king and married Hamlet’s mother:

“...taint not thy mind nor let thy soul contrive against thy mother aught. Leave her to heaven, and to those thorns that in her bosom lie to prick and sting her...”

Jared might have mused satanically, “Screw whatever’s in that mofo’s man-boobs – he’s goin’ down!”

Then, with the sudden surge of Trompian power, and with Jared having the ear of the new emperor – bye-bye Christie, the abused horse he rode in on and all of his sidekicks!

Excuse me, folks; I am being told that Meester Trromp has decided to settle with the claimants, thereby making any further business here moot.

DONALD TRUMP: Gracias, Senor Juez – I mean, Your Honor.
(Then, to his attorney) Write the beaner a check, and let’s get on making America great again!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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