Clinton Trump third debate

Finally, the third and last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over and for the nearly 236 million Americans who are of voting age, it couldn’t have happened any sooner.

What the world has witnessed, but most importantly what American voters have had to endure [out of love for country] ever since the first presidential debate began on September 26, 2016 at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, is pretty much akin to being stuck in a snow storm on Christmas day at your crazy Uncle Joe’s apartment while he watches a 24-hour Quentin Tarantino-action-movie marathon.

Forced by circumstances that are out of your control, you sit politely and watch Uncle Joe drool as the sound of gunshots and C-4 explosions are projected from his big screen television’s surround sound.

Sitting all day in Uncle Joe’s living room on Christmas day and watching him drool over the sight of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta reaping criminal havoc in “Pulp Fiction” is exactly what it feels like for the nearly 210 million Americans who for over a course of 3 days, faithfully watched Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spar for 90 minutes in a “winner take all” political cage match.

Yes, my fellow Americans, (said in my best Richard Nixon voice) the three televised U.S. presidential debates that have provided the world with illuminating snapshots of contrasting differences in character between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been to say the least, “uber intense and at times uber frightening”.

The final showdown

On October 19, 2016 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton converged on opposite sides of a stage and before a gazillion television cameras, gave their best individual debate performance of their life before a captivated world.

Understanding that this was their last chance to appear together as “political gladiators” in a public arena before the upcoming November 8th presidential elections, they did their best to try to convince Americans and world leaders why they should succeed President Obama as the 45th President of the United States of America.

From the moment the two walked on stage and stood behind their podium without shaking hands or even acknowledging each other’s presence, it was apparent that “the boxing gloves” were off and a bare-knuckle fist fight was about to occur.

Donald Trump the Republican Party’s presidential nominee and Hillary Clinton the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee wasted no time attacking and counter attacking each other over issues involving national security, the war in Syria, ISIL, the U.S. economy, the Supreme Court, women’s rights and immigration.

On style and presentation... Donald Trump

Trump’s restless and combative demeanor with debate moderator Chris Wallace and Hillary Clinton reflected a potential presidency that more than likely would be marred by endless speculation that he is too reckless and too dangerous to be given control over the most powerful “military machine” in the world.

His inability to fully comprehend (visualize) the extreme risk that nuclear proliferation poses to human civilization is not only naïve but totally insane.

Trump’s belief that Japan and Saudi Arabia should use nukes as tools to broker peace treaties with their enemies has left most world leaders to wonder aloud if Donald Trump is mentally unhinged. And his cavalier attitude towards dishonoring national security agreements with NATO allies, including his insistence that trade agreements that he “personally doesn’t like” can somehow just be “torn up” and then “renegotiated” implies that he is grossly ignorant of what it means to be “the leader of the free world” and chief steward over America’s economy.

Donald Trump’s constant need to exult himself as being impervious to committing mistakes makes him look childish and weak. If indeed Mr. Trump is the de facto leader of the Republican Party, then it’s time for Republicans to rebuild their “brand” and seek another leader. Since “The Don” is big on polls, maybe It’s time for Mr. Trump to sit up and pay attention to a recent CNN poll that indicates 7 out of 10 Americans believe that it’s time for him to give up any thoughts of being President of the United States and time for him to retreat back to his ivory towers where he can be left alone to tweet all day and all night without interruption.

On style and presentation... Hillary Clinton

During the debate, Hillary Clinton’s uncanny ability to constantly bait Donald Trump and manipulate him to (as the old folk in Virginia would say) “show his drawers”, (underpants) should win her a free lifetime subscription to ESPN’s “Bass Anglers Sportsman Society” magazine. In fact, the manner in which she sliced and diced Mr. Trump’s emotions and then sautéed his fragile ego will not go unnoticed by master chefs who perform culinary magic at “Big Wong King’s” Chinese restaurant located between Bayard and Canal Street in Manhattan.

There isn’t any doubt that Hillary Clinton is a polished debater and there isn’t any doubt among the majority of Americans that she is fully capable of running the U.S. government with great efficiency. However, the one burning question that lingers in the mind of most is, “can she successfully unite a divided country”? Let’s not be fooled, the United States of America is greatly divided by opinions and solutions concerning race, how to stimulate the economy, women’s rights, the influence of religion in state and federal government and “what to do about undocumented immigrants”.

Without a Democrat majority in the Senate and perhaps even the House of Representatives “fixing stuff” will not be easy. Hillary Clinton will face extreme challenges pertaining to sexism and Republican obstructionism just like President Obama faced extreme challenges pertaining to racism and GOP obstructionism.

Hillary Clinton would be foolish to believe that Donald Trump’s 38% contingency of hardcore supporters are going to somehow just vanish into thin air, rest assure that isn’t happening. So, what’s the first step in reconciling the great social-political divide between conservatives and liberals? Well, a smart person once said, “It’s the economy stupid”. Hillary, conventional wisdom “screams out loud” that besides protecting Americans from foreign and domestic enemies your first priority is to uplift the poor and provide economic comfort to America’s unstable middle class.

In closing, Hillary Clinton will be under extreme pressure to console not only the fears of “angry White blue-collar” Americans, but also the anxieties of African Americans who are sick and tired of being sick and tired over (1) violent gun deaths in their communities, and (2) rogue police officers and deputy sheriffs who kill unarmed African Americans without fear of prosecution; Hispanics / Latin Americans who want to see a fair and legal path to U.S. citizenship for their family and friends who hide in the shadows of anonymity because they are undocumented; and of course the Bernie Sanders “krewe” who want to see rapid improvements in the costs of health care and higher education.

Perhaps it would be wise for Mrs. Clinton to get immediately started on putting together a cabinet that loves America more than they love their individual political party. At least that would be a decent start.

In regard to the Presidential election on November 8th, the late-great Yankee catcher, Yogi Berra once said, it ain’t over until it’s over, however, barring an alien invasion, Donald Trump’s “political goose” is cooked. Let us pray that he retreats back to his ivory towers and learn how to ask for forgiveness from everyone that he has offended and demeaned. God is watching you sir. In fact, you might want to begin with asking your creator for forgiveness first.

Le Fin.....

Gregory Boyce

Gregory Boyce

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