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It would be logical for a careful observer of the American scene to deduce that the current, seismic, political upheaval we are experiencing is due to the latest subsuming action of the underground, racial plates of “Planet America.” Alexis de Tocqueville, in his two-volume, “Democracy in America,” in the 1830s, gives an assessment of the new republic. Over all, he was amazed at how former British subjects were able to so effectively carve out of the wilderness such a refuge of freedom for themselves. Tocqueville also noted that, “an abyss of evil” had been opened in this process when two other peoples, utterly and differently, were assigned subhuman status. By predicting that the imported Negro never would leave America’s shores, Tocqueville foreshadowed the grand schism that was to take place 3 decades later – and the fallout that would follow us into the new millennium!

The history of our nation shows that, beneath every curve of its evolution – usually understated or underplayed – lies the question of “race.” In ante-republic times, especially in the northern states, there was always a proud, Yankee discomfort about slavery. The need to slaughter Native Americans in order to establish European land values was also a source of discomfiture for a people supposedly escaping oppression. Then, when the big push came to overthrow the perceived oppression of themselves, in the new expropriated lands, that “Red” and “Black” problem so affected the ink used in the Constitution, the identification of those two peoples became almost mythic. It was obvious that the Founders were reluctant even to recognize their existence officially.

In this second decade of the 21st century, on the surface, the mention of “race” has become toxic. Not so in the, “good, old America”: Those of us born in the 1920s, 30s and 40s were around when the well of the U.S. Senate would resound with the denunciation of proposed laws that would protect, “Nigras from being lynched by decent White folk...” (Note: No anti-lynch law ever left the Congress.) That was when White male supremacy was still a proud, visible element within American society. Well, just because the ground is still, at the moment, the subduction of our society’s underground, racial plates is still a fact. What we are experiencing currently is movement along the “Trumpian Fault.”

It is dubious whether Donald Trump is/was conscious, now or at the time of his magisterial descent down the escalator, of the visceral effect his entry into the presidential race would create. His unprecedented, pointedly racist assault upon Latinos before a rented crowd, apparently struck a chord – and he never needed to rent a crowd again.

Trump supporters pledge

Trump discovered that subsequent utterances of intolerance only increased his popularity. It was recently revealed that Trump appropriated his catch-phrase, “Make America Great Again,” some time ago. That would indicate that he had some notion of a constituency of feeling about racial and power shifts taking place in the U.S. at this time. What he appears to have done is provide an outlet for repressed feelings about these changes. It is only natural that those who consciously or otherwise have internalized a sense of superiority along racial lines would be subject to the clarion call of a Trump.

The presumed presidential contest is between Trump and Hillary Clinton. In the established order of things, Clinton would win easily. But, with Trump (and Bernie Sanders on the other end), the establishment has been thrown out of the window. Donald Trump’s appeal could so skew the regular order of things, that he could garner votes from Democrats and the non-aligned, as well as Republicans. This strategy could usher him into the White House!

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Her husband was, “The Man From Hope.”

Trump plays a game called, “Rope-a-Dope.”

Will she make him pay –

Or, will she then say:

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t cope!”?

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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