Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs


IFZ suggested in previous articles that the U.S. is more in danger of local, random violence than the imported variety. This thinking eerily is highlighted as the Mile-High State again erupts in a shooting frenzy.


As reported in the national media, the U.S. entered the holiday weekend traumatized by the well-coordinated cordon of death that the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) visited upon Paris. That trauma, of course, is sustained by the pre- and post-911 terror attacks brought to us by Al Qaeda. It may be that ISIS and Al Qaeda are conflated in the mind of the public. The fact is that they are rivals in the delivery of what would appear to be the, "senseless" distribution of death and destruction. What ISIS and Al Qaeda do, makes sense within their centuries-old, twisted, religious rivalries. In that regard, ISIS has exceeded Al Qaeda in technology, cunning and brutality. Part of ISIS's cunning is to use other, well-established hatreds to feather its own cause. That is what is happening in France.


As pointed out in two previous IFZ articles, France is a ready-made market place for terrorism. It is well stocked with the fruit of inequities harvested over its long association with the Algerian people. Those explosive products are readily available for anyone who wants to go resentment-shopping. ISIS is coming and going in that French market place. Some of the carts spilled out on the streets of Paris last week.


As stressed in the indicated IFZ articles – the latest of which is hereto-linked – The U.S. was smart enough to begin disassembling its similar market place before it could be opened for shopping by the likes of groups such as ISIS. IFZ also points out that U.S. internal violence is more of a threat to us than anything ISIS could cook up on these shores.


Robert Lewis Dear


The day after Thanksgiving, a lone gunman invaded a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. After a shootout and standoff of more than 5 hours, a policeman and 2 others lay dead. Nine others were hospitalized. For that complete time, people were frozen in homes and businesses within the surrounding area, Yes, America, there was terror, brought on by sudden violence and death – but not from ISIS.


A lone voice from one of our 3 national branches of government could be heard "crying in the wilderness" – "Damn you, NRA!"



Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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  • My bad for calling the Islamic State guys the devil. They are really more dangerous than satan. What that is...I don't know. The way to shut them down is take away their money. And their oil. End of problem. For those who donate money to the Islamic State guys, print their names, continuously, in every major newspaper on the planet. Continuous announcements on all the major TV networks everyday. I'd be willing to bet somebody has those names. Print 'em!