donald trump

The first you ever heard of him,

This ego with a name,

He'd enter Gotham coffee shops

To glory in his fame.

He'd greet admirers, everyone,

And brightened when they'd call,

For he knew something that they knew;

The he was, The Don-ALD."

He built and built great edifices,

And, upon each one, without shame,

He'd take out his trusty stonecutter

And imprint the ubiquitous name.

Good business or bad business –

Whatever, he cared not –

If it carried the TRUMP moniker,

Then, by God, it was hot!

If gaming's the big thing,

Down by the Jersey shore,

Well, that thing is Trump's thing –

For him, more is more.

The world is a Trump world, of course;

There's no other way to define it.

Another – not Old, not New – Testament

Would be needed to divine it.

The egoism spread and spread –

Naturally, he needed T-V.

But, in the end, it turned out bad:

Move on; there's naught to see.

With politics, he'd flirt and flirt;

A bone he'd toss, here and there.

But, finally, he jumped right in –

All ego and all hair.

Then, it seemed, The Donald stumbled;

His brashness overflowed.

The human race is not his steppingstone.

His vacuousness now showed.

From business into politics,

He seemed to miss a beat.

He didn't do his homework;

Folks vote; they do not bleat.

His biased types are not in charge.

The country's moving on.

The ego cloud that follows Trump

Has blotted out the dawn.

Among his fellow politicos.

They're all in disbelief --

Knowing you can't insult the tribe,

If you want to be the chief.

But, these are subtleties unknown to Trump.

He's accustomed to letting it all hang out.

He knows the world's his oyster,

And he ain't about to pout.

No matter, he seems to have gone too far.

Out of politics, easily he can slip;

However, that business name he flaunts

Could turn into a blip.

All big egos, along the way,

Eventually, hit a bump.

But, in this case, it's a triple-play –

When a chump can trump a Trump.

Trump clown

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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