With this dramatic page, Infected Blood goes on an indefinite hiatus.

During the pandemic, I tried really hard to keep up with this comic, but I didn't make it for several reasons, the most important one being having caught COVID-19 in January 2020. Although I am relatively young and very healthy, it hit hard, leaving me with no sense of smell for 7 months, reducing my breathing capacity for 10 months, and affecting my brain (giving me sudden bouts of anger, followed by bouts of apathy) for 4 months. Now I am doing much better, although it is still affecting my sleep - I wake up at least twice at night and I mostly have either nightmares or very agitated dreams.

All of that coupled with much work (I am indeed very lucky, I can work from home) and extra stress due to other personal reasons got in the way of this comic. Although I was able to write and thumbnail Chapter 3 in its entirety, I am still unable to get myself to draw anything, as this chapter is even more dramatic than the previous ones and I need... lightheartedness.
Thank you very much for following my story so far. I promise I will come back, eventually. Please, stay safe, don't underestimate this virus and get your vaccine shot as soon as it is your turn.

I will be back.

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Infected Blood Chapter 2 Page 44

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Infected Blood Comics

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