There as been released a gotcha, right-wing book that purports to outline a host of Hillary-devious contacts during her tenure as boss of Foggy Bottom. Curiously, there is a related, rather weird, foot-patting connection thereto by the New York Times.

Hillary will not be permitted to repeat her run for the presidency as a single unit. Bill and Chelsea already have been established as fellow-travelers along the campaign trail. Bill will be scrutinized for matters apart from his prospective First Dudosity. Since Chelsea is now active with the Clinton Foundation, her role, too, will be starkly different from that which she experienced in past campaigns. With Bubba’s reputation for confounding his rivals, it is to be seen whether this all-out assault on the Clinton trio is or is not a wise strategy on the part of the vast right wing conspirators.

Apartfrom the perennial song of, Benghazi, and the now constant aria being sung over a supposedly squeaky, extant-or-not Internet server, there are legions of Greek choruses pursuing the past globe-trotting itineraries of both Hillary and Bill. The contentions are that there must have been some monkey business involved with certain diplomatic contacts made by Hillary, and subsequent donations made to the Clinton Foundation and/or the Clinton Library. Bill is criticized for extracting fabulous speaking fees from supposedly State Department-approved audiences whose comprehension of spoken English is dubious.

If the conversation ever reaches a lull, there are always the charges of malingering on the part of Hillary, in order to avoid uncomfortable confrontations. The not-so-sotto-voce scuttlebutt on Bill is that, in the company of a Daddy Warbucks, he jets to a swinging island somewhere, stocked with underage objects. This is not the end of negative attention-getters: Voila, the newly emerged Monica Lewinsky and the lava overflow from the bimbo eruptions.


Marco Rubio, in his coming-out speech (without actually covering Paul McCartney), made thinly disguised references to politicians of yesterday touting yesterday ideas. Considering his own, anal-retentive ideas of yesterday, he leaves a hilarious, April-December opening for Hillary on the hustings. This seems to be the only easy one for her, thus far.

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There was a trio called Clinton,

Akin to nuclear fission.

They asked, “Shall we run?”

Agreed ‘twould be fun.

Beware the fallout emission!

hillary clinton family

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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