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    AnarchisTonsil owes her name to a family doctor who solemnly declared her tonsils to be so big, they must cause her a significant snoring activity. Although she strongly believed that to be a myth, her wife adamantly sided with the doctor, which convinced her that her throat had been taken over by noisy squatters with a life of their own.

    Raised a Catholic, one of her first memories of her spiritual journey is spending hours at age 7 wondering what kind of sins a child so young could commit, so could stand up the stern scrutiny of the priest. "I must have done something" became her mantra and making up a mischief here and there seemed the only option. However, that came ripe with puzzlement and questions no one really had a satisfactory answer for. Eventually, the seed of critical thinking flourished in her, leading her to finally understand that she was an atheist. That was her second coming out: being a lesbian took much less time to figure out.

    Oddities and contradictions, science and religion, reason and superstition fuel her interests and creativity, mostly while walking her dog or going on long car trips with her beloved wife.
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    Webcomics, atheism, gay and lesbian rights, science and technology