If you’re a teacher in America, you know the importance of supplementing your income. The average teacher’s salary can range from $30K-$50K, depending on your experience and location but earning a little extra money is always a positive. Side gigs are a great way to boost your budget and give yourself something to do during summer break, but have you thought of ways to work your gig into your school-year schedule? Here are a few ideas to help you work your side gig all year long.

Help Write and Edit Resumes

If you have a knack for grammar and punctuation, then proofing and creating professional writing may provide you with a chance at some easy extra income. Thousands of job seekers look to professional writers to help craft and fine-tune their resumes and cover letters. Since you are already a pro at proofing papers, tackling a few resumes will be a breeze for you. You can advertise your services online or work through a professional resume service. With freelance writing/editing jobs, you get to set your own pace and schedule, which makes working during the school year a little less stressful.

Take on a Tutoring Gig

Still eager to help people learn at the end of the school day? Then tutoring could be the side-gig for you. From grade school to college, parents and students are always looking for help to improve test scores and knowledge. You can set your rates based on your experience and tutor in any subject you feel comfortable with. If you speak a second language, you can take your tutoring gig to another level by helping students learn English or at least help them to better understand subjects that are taught in English.

Create Income With Your Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress but have you thought about turning your hobby into a source of income? From knitting scarves to growing a garden, you can earn a little extra income by simply doing what you love. Depending on your location and the amount of business you plan on doing, you may need to secure licenses to begin selling your goods to customers. Set your own pace for producing items and find a sales outlet that works for you. Many markets take place on the weekend but you can also look into selling your items online if that’s more conducive to your normal work schedule.

Set Up a Functional Home Workspace

Whether you get into freelance writing or decide to make furniture, chances are you’re going to be completing most of your side-gig work at home. A home office is essential for any teacher or side-gig professional, so take some time to create a productive workspace. Look for a quiet room or corner of your home where you can focus on your tasks. Avoid the health issues of sitting by investing in a standing desk. When you do need to sit, make sure your chair, mouse and keyboard are all at a proper angle to protect your posture. If you hate working in silence, try playing some calming, classical music to help fill the void without causing distraction.

Be Aware of Moonlighting Policies

If you pick up a gig during the summer, you should be safe from any restrictive policies. But before you incorporate your gig into your normal school-year schedule, check in with your administration about any conflicts of interest. Many organizations have moonlighting policies in place that prevent their employees from picking up certain kinds of work while school is in session. So check out your school’s policies and talk to your supervisors to avoid any issues with your side-gig.

Side gigs are an excellent option for teachers looking to supplement their normal income. You can transform your temporary summer work into a way to make extra money all year long by following a few simple tips. Good luck with the school year and good luck making your summer side gig into a year-round success!

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