Night of the long knives

In the 1930s, a leader who had been conceded absolute power by conspiratorial legislators and a deceived electorate, went about ridding himself of those he considered personally disloyal.

Currently, in Washington, a leader recently granted impunity by equally conspiratorial legislators, likewise went on his own, bloodless, Long Knifes venture.

This leader had been tried for exerting efforts royal;
His offense, in a republic, was to say, “I am king!”
And his pusillanimous toadies made, “L’etat c’est moi” ring.

Thus, released and legal,
With all the barriers down,
This egoistic leader became a dangerous clown.

Thus, emulating the other,
This leader, vengeance-puffed,
Began to scan his knife set,
As he huffed and puffed.

A patriotic military officer,
As well as his silent twin,
And an equally patriotic ambassador,
Would now pay for their sin.

Their error was in giving testimony
Against the leader tried –
For all his antics phony –
And it would mean their hide.

The proper military officer,
Along with his silent twin,
Was marched right out of the White House,
For their unforgivable sin.

The ambassador, ensconced in his offshore digs,
At his million-dollar post –
Never suspecting a sack –
Was knocked from his post, as the host with the most,
And from his million not a cent got back!

Thus, it was, Long Knives, American Style,
Though blood was not involved,
If he had his druthers, the now loosed clown,
Just as his close-knit, totalitarian equals,
The matter with real long knives would have been solved.

There are others on the Long Knives list;
They should take this clue:
Retire now and just get hissed,
Or you’ll see long knives, too.

***** ***** *****

Scary scenario: That other leader also would denigrate and humiliate his assembled, military staff officers...

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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