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Just above the Mall it came;

A loop around George’s needle.

Those who saw it, still will claim

It looked like a giant beetle.

At the stately Capitol,

Upon the lawn it slowly sank.

Then, alarms began to toll:

Foul ISIS nears the castle dank!


Men from Mars -- who knows what else!

Take cover from the lethal beams.

“Lock the doors,”  -- a tour guide yells

“Could be more dang’rous than it seems!”


As the vanguard crept up close,

The ominous door cracked a bit.

Then, a creature, quite verbose,

Yelled, “Come help me unload this shit!”

That was more than they could take;

The gendarmes lit up with alarm.

All the nation was at stake.

Who knew the extent of this harm?

Someone asked, quite furtively,

“Does anybody speak Klingon?”

A response came rapidly:

“That’s English – what shit are you on?!”

Closer, they crept to the scene;

Their worst fears were realized at once –

They knew what all this could mean:

The one who cannot hit far, bunts!

Under the radar he’d flown –

A sneak-in-the-dark type attack.

Whence had this strange airship grown?

Another vile stab in the back?

Closer and closer they came.

By now, the scene was in full view.

Folks, “Autogyro’s” my name.

Do I have a message for YOU!


My life is the U.S. mail;

I want us to have clean voting;

Take these, and please do not fail;

Each lawmaker needs a poking.


Funding without limits pervades

Elections throughout these fair lands.

That way, much mischief invades,

And, soon, it’s all out of our hands.


I will pay dearly, of course.

A stunt of this nature ain’t cheap!

You, too, would get on your horse;

So, back me, if just with your Jeep!


Come to Washington in droves;

Let them know you, too, are tired.

Come, from cities, orange groves;

Filthy lucre has us mired!

As he walks away in cuffs,

All stared at his autogyro.

Gone, unseen, beneath the bluffs:

The heart of a superhero!


Lyrics by: Curtis W. Long

Music and vocals by: Tommy Dodson

Video by: Bob Nelson

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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