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Trump as Pinochio

Nixonian patina;
Trumpian tint;
The latter slightly green-uh
And lesser bent.

The arrogance? The same stuff
We’ve come to know –
The same way certain fish puff,
Those they call, “Blow...”

“What knows this president, now?”
Nostalgia asks.
“We want to know when, where, how –
Hoping Truth basks.”

By what luck did we get here?
Are we that daft?
What ordered us to not peer
Into the shaft?

If history’s the teacher,
What did we learn?
We just skipped the main feature,
Ignored, “The Bern.”

The solons, there, are silent;
Bullied are they –
Just waiting to be, “Soylent” –
They’ve naught to say.

Who, then, will call it, “Treason”
What else will fit?
Have we all lost our reason?
Shit smells like shit!

A man-boy says he’s playing –
Fake guns, and all.
We fail to see he’s straying
Into reeds tall.

A mine-field, there, he’s planted,
Things that go, “Boom!”
His thoughts, you see, are slanted –
Out of the room!

Our biases are dangerous;
They do us in.
They tend to re-arrange us,
Make reason thin.

We now must overcome this –
Yes, right away!
What ails the Oval Office
Are feet of clay.

That same must not befall us;
Stalwart be we.
We must not let them call us,
“Herman, Pee Wee!”

Longevity is unsure;
Just look at Rome.
Our history is impure;
We have no home.

“Idealism,” we fashioned
From Earth’s whole cloth.
We’d best become impassioned –
Eschew the sloth.

For, right under our noses,
E’en while we slept,
With buggy whips and hoses,
By night, they crept.

Wake up; your country needs you!
All to the front!
Before chaos bleeds you,
Let each one grunt!

Once, “Sic semper tyrannis”
False filled the air.
Now, quick, before they ban us,
Say it, and care!

The tyrants are abroad now;
‘Mongst us they stand.
Do not before them kow-tow –
This is our land!

Nixon i am not a crook

Dick Nixon was a crook – not?
Trump is, “Not,” too.
Dick dropped the ball – got too hot.
What will Trump do?

A war, for Queeg, was small fish –
Fing’ring steel balls.
Only strawb’ries in a dish
‘Swhat he recalls.

Captain Queeg balls

Is Trump a crook, or crazy?
It could be both.
But, shady he or hazy –
Let him keep his oath!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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