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Original Presidential Candidates

What must be that vanity, so compelling –

That which entices one upon the sacrificial pyre of politics?!

Whence its power to twist the will

And send someone up so rugged a hill –

Toward certain humiliation and defeat --

Or, more disgraceful, humiliation without defeat?

What makes him or her stand there, righteous and all-knowing?

What makes him or her lie there, a-blubbering and a-blowing?

The shadows are dark; they’ve seen them for years.

They’ve witnessed the spark; they’ve seen all the tears.

Nevertheless, with all of this known,

They still come a-running; the seeds have been sown.

How does one get there? What is his right?

Where does this madness all start?

Heaven to Betsty, Sir, Ma’am, why do you care?

Why do you enter this fight?

Yes, we are a republic; govern we must.

But, why you, why Trumpnick

Why all this damn fuss?!

We’d rather be governed by souls half asleep.

But, don’t rouse the doctor

He won’t make a peep.

Then, there’re the Cubans, all self-assured,

Besotted with Spain’s old panache.

They think they’re Reubens – they’re cigars to be cured –

They’re, both of them, all full of bosh!

Poor Jeb! –they fooled him.

Two is enough.

Listent to Momma –

She’s the big tough.

Then, there’s nice Kasich,

So sweet and polite,

Forgetting the basics:

In politics – bite!

Christie, the steamship,

Why did you bother?

You know you blocked the bridge.

Mr. Overbeamship, you know you’d rather

Go raid the fridge!

Then, there’re the others..

They all come and go,

Dragging their druthers

Right off the show.

Oh, yes, you Demos –

Boy, what a pair!

Scratching and clawing

And trying to turn left,

But pumping bumper-car air.

How can they do it,

Day after day?

Humiliation must sleep sometime.

But, then, they’re nocturnal –

The damned thing must pay –

Though it may take their last dime.

God, there’re the speeches –

All canned and at hand!

Might as well be peaches --

What stupid stand?

You lost, you idiot –

Or, either you won.

Though you may not admit it,

You ain’t had no fun!!!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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