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    After the Air Force, Mike Bowler (pronounced just like one who plays the game or the name of the round-topped hat) graduated <i>Magna Cum Laude</i> and a member of Phi Beta Kappa from San Diego State University where he specialized in British Poetry before 1800.

    He then worked for eight years as an in-house writer for <i>San Diego Magazine</i>, a regional publication, where he wrote whatever he was told to write. He wrote about politics, sports, housing, the law, fashion, entertainment, straight news, books, and he also wrote a monthly media column. He was awarded numerous San Diego Press Club awards and awards from the local Society of Professional Journalists in subjects including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Vietnam Veterans, personality profiles, local and state-wide political issues, investigative reporting and many others.

    While writing, editing, and managing the freelancers, he attended night law school at the University of San Diego. He passed the California Bar Exam, went to work for a boutique law firm, a large law firm, and then opened a solo practice.  He practiced law, wrote marketing materials for law firms, and wrote freelance articles.  He moved to Fresno in 1999 with his wife who had left civil litigation to work in the Fresno County Public Defender's Office.  In 2001 he also joined the office where he worked as a defense attorney until retiring in 2013.  Over the years, his work has appeared in <i>San Diego Magazine</i>, <i>The San Diego Business Journal</i>, <i>Los Angles Times</i>, <i>California Magazine</i>, <i>San Diego Evening Tribune</i>, <i>San Diego Union</i>, <i>Fresno Business Journal</i>, <i>California Lawyer, </i>and the <i>Fresno Bee,</i> among other local, and regional, and national publications.