Doug Matthews
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Billy Pilgrim's Bunkmate
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Created: 12/30/2017
Category: History
Billy Pilgrim's Bunkmate The professor seemed bursting with quirks: ramrod erect though middle-low in height, thinning hair, full suit, top rim glasses, a nasal yet precise voice, the epitome of a...
The Year My Big Brother Almost Fixed Christmas
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Created: 12/23/2017
Category: Society
My big brother Marc enlisted me one year in a project to fix Christmas, one that was proving to be the worst of our lives. He was the kid who knew how to get...
A Private Confederate Monument
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Created: 12/19/2017
Category: History
A black and white Polaroid taken by my grandfather commemorates one of several pilgrimages we took by bus back to his birthplace in north-central Georgia. The scattered village where he...