There are simple things in a place that mark the difference. I live in a country which has a government with a very low level in performance, due to the lack of key elements, such as values toward the society, which affects the rest. This scenario makes everything look cumbersome.

Currently, we are living the frikiest time of our political history, affecting the rest of aspects in the country: social, economics, etc. We don’t understand why we haven’t been able to set ourselves free from this situation after 16 years, and the only conclusion that I can come up with is there are foreign elements who/which don’t want us free. Who or which are those factors?

In recent years, we have observed and learned that International Organizations, such as OAS or UN, act as private clubs of governments, and don’t represent or take care of their peoples’ needs at all. It’s unbelievable to see that they don’t or can’t do anything to protect the lives of people under evident mistreating from a particular government. Instead of correcting the government behavior, punishment by the government goes straight to people.

To solve this kind of things, we have to learn that people need to know how to provide their needs by themselves, respect themselves and make a government respect them. This requires a permanent investment in education in all levels. If a society, or in a unit scale: an individual, pursues a better level of life and conditions through the interaction with other cultures and understands the importance of key values, everything good is achievable. And this principle holds from simple things to complex projects. For example, I have proved it to/by myself, in a simple process like getting a driver’s license.

First, I needed a lesson in a key value: respect. I learned how to drive a car in US, going from scratch, getting driving lessons, taking the theory-practical driving test, passing it, obtaining my California driver’s license and continuing the cultural interaction and getting familiar with that web of rules that everyone in general respects there. That way of being pays off: if one respects, the same will return to us.


So, when I returned to my home country, I decided to obtain the corresponding driver’s license, after going through the above-mentioned process of taking a driving test and so on, as I did in US. But I observed that this way of doing things is the less practiced in Venezuela. Why? Because there is a lack of basic values in this part of the world: the public institutions are extremely slow (I suppose it is the same everywhere but here is the worst), a lot of paperwork to complete things, transportation system is not well-designed, each and all of these elements consumes a lot of time. The consequence: everybody turns impatient, wants everything at the moment, and decides to pay third parties to have things done. And this has happened since a long while ago, which has obscured simple processes like obtaining a basic personal document.

What did I do? Since there is an evident absence of respect in every instance in the public institutions, I took the long way, to do every step and prove to myself I can make my goal, following the lesson accomplished in US. I could observe the behavior of the various elements participating in the process, and at some moments they tried to convince me, tacitly, to return the fast way. But I hung in there despite those attempts and proceeded as I planned. The result: I made it, and it was thanks to the guiding model I saw and cultivated overseas.

In conclusion, cases like these are fundamental for each individual to live and understand about the impact of practicing values toward himself/herself and toward his/her surroundings.

Rosa Jiménez

Rosa Jiménez

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  • "This requires a permanent investment in education in all levels." Yes, this is the beginning- an educated population.
    "In recent years, we have observed and learned that International Organizations, such as OAS or UN, act as private clubs of governments, and don’t represent or take care of their peoples’ needs at all." Look what is happening in Greece.
    Good for you for your perseverance!