Seems like some at NASA are seeking the "Christian God who founded America" within dark matter and energy

Lately I've been following the international effort to find evidence for dark matter which, together with dark energy, makes up almost 95% of the universe, according to accepted theory to date. Most of that research is occurring in detectors kilometers deep in the Earth's crust.

And then I came across this curious conversation at Research Gate among ~scientists~ about consciousness. Is it emergent from out of the brain's propagation of neural signals, as most neuroscientists suggest from the evidence? Or is there a fundamental consciousness interacting since the beginning of time from that 95% dark matter and energy part of the universe that's entirely "invisible" to the electromagnetic spectrum?

The conversation begins in 2019 (last comment June 19, 2020) with: “Is dark energy fundamental consciousness?” by Karl Sipfle , a Trump-administration appointee to NASA's Gateway Moon-to-Mars space station program. He's also self-published some books on consciousness. In a paper at Research Gate, he synthesizes his projected thinking with: “Dark energy must be fundamental and we have not directly detected it and consciousness must be fundamental and we have not directly detected it. If they are the same, most of the energy of the universe is consciousness.”
When I searched deeper, I found that Sipfle had been a GOP candidate in 2010 for the Michigan State legislature, as a member of the Michigan Conservatives Network. Based on its stated values, I can only conclude to myself that he, in the sly, is proselytizing the blatant historical lie that a Christian God is the basis for the founding of America, and is apparently trying to bring real scientists onboard, suggesting without stating it that this god is running the show from within all that dark matter/energy. Of course, based on what I’ve read, he would never put it that way among a gathering of scientists.

Here are MCN's stated values:

To Pray has you covered Michigan Conservatives. Our Values Here is our outline for our values. If you feel anything important is missing, please contact us at michiganconservatives at live dot com .

Michigan Conservatives stands for these values.

1.Low taxes

2.Limited but efficient government

3.Life should be protected inside an...d outside the womb.

4.Marriage is between one man and one woman.

5.The nation is founded on a belief in God. People are free to believe anything they want, but they can’t neglect the importance of a belief in God in founding and maintaining this nation.

6.The right to arms.

7.Strongly supporting the military.

8.Strong laws protecting our borders, which allows for legal immigration but punishes for illegal immigration.

9 Belief in full freedom of press, speech and religion.

10. Belief that all are created equal.

Sipfle briefly speaks to FOX News at minute 1:39, in response to Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address


To me, the reality that my consciousness, my awareness, is entirely based on the sum total of my brain's neural activity becomes such a fresh breath of air. There are no invisible fundamental forces of influence, good or bad, to affect me. Or anyone else.  It's such a waste of time, resources and effort -- and lives lost -- to constantly be thinking and worried about all those fictions.

There is no god, though its archetypes have been analyzed to either generate a good or horrific moral compass for the cultures that have generated them. But those very archetypes, many of them Abrahamic, have dovetailed with the agendas of history's and breaking news' most brutal and power-greedy predators, recently from ISIS and the orange POTUS.
So be aware of what you sign up for when voting, or to which school and church you might take your kids. Nurture their brains so they can have knowledge of the true world in which they will spend their lives problem-solving our mistakes, and thus be empowered to go where no one has gone before.

Enjoy life! Have fun! Embrace all life on the planet, for their individual evolutionary histories are intrinsic to our own existence and awareness at this very moment as you read this. When my body no longer can keep the brain alive, consciousness ends. Nothing mysterious, good or bad, then occurs. Let the carrot in front of your life be to empower whatever can humanly design with nature a paradise that is real for some future generation. Love and like who you are -- no imaginary being is there to do that for you -- and understand that there are over 7.5 billion others on the planet with that 3 pound organ generating a consciousness quite similar to your own. Nurture a cognitively strong sense of empathy within yourself, and reduce suffering wherever you find it. But never so any harm comes to yourself. Feed your brain, and the body that supports it, as though it is a god. I think it is so befreeing to not be bound by a fictive story filled with really scary shit. The first Navajo (Di'neh) to encounter the Conquistadors (who never conquered the Navajo) were horrified by the notion of these palefaces, on this remarkable new animal, horses, worshiping a hero they’d nailed to a couple pieces of a tree.

Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen

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