Weeping Lincoln The Art Institute of Chicago

Shame, shame, Republican Party!
You would make Lincoln weep.
He was the first who, bold and hearty,
Roused the Elephant from his sleep.

How dare you -- Senate and Leader, too,
Become the dumb Monkey, deaf and blind,
That protects a dumb Donkey, and kisses his behind!

Your House equivalents are guilty, too –
Adopting your sans-sense attitude.
Not one of them dared to raise their voice
And interfere with the Devil’s Choice.

And thee, self-chosen and stuffed with pride,
You flaunt your sins,
And your forgiving God
Offers hits manufactured nod.

That is just as well, as your true faith
Begins and ends with you.
Faith in your country you conjure up, too.
You embrace the flag,
But it’s all about you.

Worst of all, though, is your Pied Piper’s pitch –
How you deceive a trailing, poor, sonofabitch.
But, for you, that’s quite easy;
Without Hamelin’s pipe,
You spread crumbs of hatred,
But soon they’ll be gone.
Sans pipe and Oz’s curtain,
The Truth then will dawn.

Of course, you are not to blame, in all totality;
You siphoned from our historical hose of venality.
There is a lesson for us to mull over:
When Sam, in the future, says, “Come hither,”
And his tie is red, long and Chinese-custom-made –
Scream, “No, fie, you monster fake!” –
Do a one-eighty and get thee fast thither!.

Thus, Republicans, your discord is complete.
You offend the poor Elephant’s; ears.
You leave naught but bitter gall to eat –
And bring Old Abe Lincoln down to tears.

Image: Weeping Lincoln © The Art Institute of Chicago

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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