Trump v Trump

TRUMP: Whaddaya mean, we’re impeached? How can Crazy Nancy do that with just Democrats? I’ll take her to the Supreme Court.

ALTER EGO: First off, it’s, “You,” not, “We” who are impeached. The Speaker of the House has announced that a majority of the Representatives has charged you with two articles of impeachment. The Senate now will try you on those two charges. The only role of the Supreme Court will be the Chief Justice as trial judge.

TRUMP: That was a perfect telephone call. Why didn’t they question the Whistle Blower?

ALTER EGO: The Whistle Blower had already done his work. You did the rest; your, “Perfect” telephone call was all they needed. Some brave creatures from your storied, “Swamp” did the rest.

TRUMP: So, why don’t we get this going in the Senate? Mitch tells me it’s a slam-dunk, that they’re going to find me innocent of the charges.

ALTER EGO: You already have been found guilty of the charges. That fact will head your epitaph. The only role of the Senate is to determine if you are to continue as President.

TRUMP: What?! You mean they won’ find me innocent?

ALTER EGO: That’s not the question. The only question is if there is enough juice in your little beg of horrors to run the personal engines of each of the Republican Senators. The danger for you is, if enough of them got together, they could rid themselves of the Damocles’ Sword that you wield so handily.

TRUMP: But, they wouldn’t...

ALTER EGO: Just sayin’... Once the trial gets started, anything can happen.

TRUMP: When is it going to start?

ALTER EGO: Just as soon as Nancy sends over the Articles of Impeachment.

TRUMP: When is she going to do that?

ALTER EGO: Dujnno. There’s nothing in the Constitution; she may never send them over.

TRUMP: Then, what happens?

ALTER EGO: You remain perpetually impeached. You’ll keep your office, but you’ll remain forever: “The impeached President Donald J. Trump”.

TRUMP: No-o-o!!! That would be like a permanent presidential purgatory!

ALTER EGO: You are alliteratively correct.

TRUMP: I’m not illiterate!

ALTER EGO: Whatever...

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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