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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is the most talked-about freshman member of Congress in memory.

She overwhelmingly defeated a high-ranking Democratic Congressman in the primary, and handily overcame her Republican opponent. Her well-supported, impossible-dream campaign was raucous, rowdy and relative. She brought that same exuberance to Washington, to the consternation of those more accustomed to the crusty staid confines of the House of Representatives.

Frustrated naysayers somehow dug up a video of AOC dancing at college -- horrors! To counter their scandalous gambit, Alexandria made her own video, of herself boogalooing into her congressional office.

Apart from the hijinks surrounding her youth, ethnicity and gender, AOC is a solidly educated scientist and sociologist. Her architect father was fortunate enough to move the family from the inner-city to an upscale neighborhood with and advanced high school. Alexandria excelled there in science. One of her awards resulted in an asteroid being named after her She went on to Boston University, intending to study medicine. She changed her mind and zeroed in on Sociology. A pert of her scholastic included an eye-opening trip to the African Continent.

After the early demise of her father, Alexandria’s life and circumstances changed. After graduation, she took on a bartending job to help out family circumstances. Her father died intestate, leaving her to struggle through those grueling court procedures. That, along with her observations on the inequities of progress according to one’s life situation, have made her attuned to ethnic/economic inequities. Therefore, the varied reaction to her banging open the doors of the United States House of Representatives. Hoary, inactive congressional toes will be trod upon. The People’s House finally is being peopled by real people!


I have come to Congress
With a chip upon my knee.
I am seeking redress
For those whom you do not see.

I am in my twenties;
Frivolity’s not my style.
Yes, I missed the Lend=Lease,
But I’ll be here for a while.

I am not what you see –
Just a fresh-faced Latina.
Wait, get a load of me;
I’m fair – but could be meana.

The folks who sent me here,
Expect representation;
And I am on a tear
To meet their expectation.

So, get out of my way
When I am armed with the facts.
‘Caused, I will have my say
Or dance Cha-Cha on your backs.

A-OC – One, two, three.
Whaddaya want to say to me?
A-O-C, that’s what they call me.
I can shimmy and shake,
But, if that is all that you see,
You’re asleep; I’m awake.

A-OC – One, two, three.
Whaddaya want to say to me?
A-O-C – That’s what they call me.
When you see me in the House well?
Listen to what I say.
Because, the truth I’m there to tell
Will ruin or make your day.

My roots – Puerto Rico.
My life is all NYC.
I read Stephen Biko;
Old Africa did I see.

Despite my advanced youth,
My mind is packed with knowledge.
I come bearing the truth,
And avoid time-worn hodgepodge.

So, forget your comfort;
I’m not herfe to placate you,
But to make an effort
To include my people, too.

USA has wandered
Far and wide, and with advice;
While folks at home wondered,
“Why must we poor pay the price?”

Now, Uncle Sam, listen:
You’ve had your exclusive day.
Your cousin’s come kissin’,
So pucker up and let’s play.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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