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Fellow citizens of the United Sates:

We, the four surviving presidents of our nation, have decided to take this extraordinary step because we feel our country currently is in peril, and the constitutional systems seems to be frozen in response. The matter which has attracted our attention is the cyber insinuation of Russia and other nations into our electoral process.

During the last presidential election, Russia, with the aid of its own, home-based, WWW units, along with other international hackers, shamelessly has invaded our Internet channels, with sabotage in mind. There is irrefutable evidence that these toxic elements changed or created in our systems information that would favor one candidate/party or the other. They also conspired with other international, cyber criminals who specialize in wholesale computer theft and dumping of that information for a given effect.

A Special Counsel was named in order to investigate the foreign incursion into our computer systems A nest of Russian computer spies had been detected shortly before the last election, and the lot of them immediately were expelled. Since then, the Special Counsel has indicted many of them in absentia. The Special Counsel also discovered an inordinate amount of receptive tolerance of Russian interference on the part of the incoming administration. Although the Special Counsel fervently warns that Russia and other nations will interfere in coming elections, sadly, dangerously and mystifyingly, neither the President nor the Congress seem to be taking this warning seriously. Apparently, the investigative services are involved, but the President and the Congress are not engaging the populace. That is why we are speaking out.

We Americans look to our elected representatives to keep us informed of that which may be to our detriment. That is not being done. Despite the urging of the Special Counsel, that the incursions currently are in progress, that information is not forthcoming from the President or the Congress.

We who formerly held the Office of President of the United States, in our current positions as citizens, do fervently urge the President and the Congress to follow the advice of the Special Counsel by bringing this international cyber invasion to the attention of each and every citizen. We further urge the nation’s leaders to provide the investigative services with all the specialized equipment and funding necessary to eliminate the vile, dangerous and very blatant interference in America’s national affairs.

Signed (we hope)

Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Barack Obama

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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