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Going ahead with an impeachment process against President Trump will indeed be a scary test of the US Constitution's ability to Check and Balance the three powers of government under perhaps the greatest threat to the Republic since the Civil War. It ultimately did it well with Nixon and equally well with Clinton. Moving forward with the House's Constitutional right to draft Articles of Impeachment, that process could take us into the election season. It will bring the nation’s deep and dangerous divisiveness to the surface, and the facts uncovered through the  Judiciary Committee's investigation to eventually propose the articles that justify impeachment to a full House debate will be fully disclosed to the electorate.  The current Senate likely will not vote to impeach, but they may not get that chance before the election.  And it's not just the impeachable offenses that will see the light of day, and which could so easily change the minds of enough Republicans in the Senate.

EVERYTHING about that conman in the White House, and all his men and oh so many women, will be fully exposed. I mean right down to the last hypothetical magazine slap on the butt, drop of urine and its payoff. And perhaps even more embarrassing, his true economic history, such as tax evasions, bankruptcies, frauds etc etc., and from Russia with love to the Deutsche Bank from son of Justice to son of 45.

My best hope is that 45 will do a 37 before publicly drowning in too much of that. And then individual states will come after him.

If we so fear going ahead with the impeachment process, what kind of crippled country are we giving our kids? We are taking our eyes off some unprecedented existential threats to human civilization and a viable planet right now. A strong America with a relatively high moral fiber is critically important in a world going mad with the biosphere destroying greed of billionaire oligarchs who are predatorily interacting with the tops of power in Russia and China... and the USA... everywhere. The dynamics from some of that oligarchic deep pockets activity may very well also become exposed under the impeachment process.

42% of the US population currently support an impeachment (only 29% supported the impeachment of Clinton).  But not only is that percentage equal to that which supported impeaching Nixon (43%) during a favorable Congress, the point of impeachment wasn't about popular leanings that can change on the dime of glaring truths, but, among many issues, about protecting the Republic from someone that reminded the Founding Fathers of King George.

There is absolutely no balance between the three powers of government right now. That is far more dangerous than any fears we might have about impeachment, in my opinion.

"The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia was winding down, the draft of the United States’ supreme law almost finished, and George Mason, the author of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights, was becoming alarmed. Over the course of the convention, the 61-year-old had come to fear the powerful new government his colleagues were creating. Mason thought the president could become a tyrant as oppressive as George III.

So on September 8, 1787, he rose to ask his fellow delegates a question of historic importance. Why, Mason asked, were treason and bribery the only grounds in the draft Constitution for impeaching the president? Treason, he warned, wouldn’t include “attempts to subvert the Constitution.”


Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen

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