Is President Barack Hussein Obama currently in the process of violating the posse comitatus provisions by planning a punitive takeover of the politically obstinate State of Texas? Hate-warped, conspiracy-filled inquiring minds want to know.

The United States military forces currently are conducting wide-ranging, multi-state maneuvers that include the state of Texas. Apparently, the plans for Operation Jade Helm 15 have been leaked to conspiracy-theory-sensitive ears in the former Republic of Texas. The resulting rumor-mills have been cranking out scenarios that would be appropriate grist for a pre-apocalyptic, Hollywood blockbuster:

Black and blue Obama is planning a final revenge on ragin’-red, ol’ Texas. Under the cover of military exercises, United States troops are being moved into the State of Texas, under the pretext that it is a faux enemy territory that needs pacification. Actually, that is an excuse for the ultimate imposition of state-wide martial law. There will be a mass confiscation of privately owned firearms. The owners thereof will be herded into specially prepared railroad cars, with seats equipped with restraining devices. The underground storage areas of abandoned Walmart stores will be used as detention areas for those netted in the roundup.


Apparently, conspiracy-theorist lack of imagination leaves it there. However, the airing of such fantasy was sufficient for the Governor of the State of Texas to order out the State Guard! Somewhat sheepishly balancing between the world of fantasy and reality, the governor kind of ho-hums the conspiracy assertions, but says it would not hurt for the Guard to keep an eye on Barack Husseins hairy hordes – Just in case…

The fact that a minority of poison-birdbrains, stuck in the sordid past, could garner the type of news coverage that prompts a piece such as this must cause great shame and/or derision in the forward-thinking Austins, Dallases and Houstons. They have overcome the fact that Tejas used to be Mexican territory. Mexico had invited Americans to populate its sparse northern territory – as long as they became Mexican citizens (and dutiful Catholics, amen). The ungrateful Americans promptly increased their numbers through illegal immigration!, declared their independence and defeated Santa Ana. Completing the treachery, they became a state of the American union, thereby ceding all of that purloined Mexican territory to Manifest Destiny.

In the process, after despoiling some of the Mexicans who remained in the territory of their positions of authority and property, they marginalized them as second-class citizens, subjecting them to more than a century of cruel segregation and humiliation.

Along with the enslavement and degradation of African Americans, this is the residue that fuels such irrational reaction to U.S. military training exercises in one of the fifty states of the Union that self-same military is constitutionally sworn to protect.

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There was an ol house called, “Tejas”.

The folks said, “Yankees, don’t egg us.”

But, cry as they may,

The Yankees don’t play:

“No, not even if you beg us!”


Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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