North Korea. Can you imagine a whole country with at least three generations of citizens being brainwashed by the government? With recent photos of Kim Jong Un looking like he’s got some health problems, North Korea continues to poke a stick in the eye of the U.S. Ready to attack at any moment when they have been provoked to do so. 

Now I read in the paper they are capable of launching a missile from a submarine. I guess the U.S. has to spend a lot of our tax money to keep an eye on these guys.

Kim Jong Un doesn’t look like he’s missed any meals. Neither do the “yes” men generals who surround him. The left shoulder of their uniforms packed with medals. Medals? Can’t recall any wars except for the Korean Conflict back in the 50s, and I don’t think any of these guys were old enough to be in that war.

North Korea still says they have this million man army at the DMZ. What they don’t understand that in Operation Desert Storm, it took about a day to take care of Iraqs’ troops and the Elite Republican Guard that was so highly spoken of.  After figuring out “shock and awe” I think the million man army is a thing of the past. Not that I want to go for it against them, the citizens would take most of the brunt of the punishment.

Ah-h-h-h…The poor citizens. I once read several years ago that the citizens out in the countryside were eating tree bark to stay alive.

The Globe Trotters were invited by Kim to come to North Korea for a basketball game.  The Globe Trotters received permission from the U.S. travel guys to make the trip. A couple of North Korean tour guides had a specific set of places where they wanted the team to see.  What they didn’t get was that some of video showed big time PR blunders. A huge modern department store packed with clothes.  And nobody there buying anything. A modern thoroughfare, four laner, with an island down the middle, and no cars on it. In fact I didn’t see any citizens until the ‘Trotters went to a nearby park and played some hoops with the kids. The kids loved it.

The game was set, and the ‘Trotter played the Generals. At the beginning of the game Kim made a grand entrance. The crowed in “unison” yelled something like our Hail to Great leader.”  At this point I was so sad, that I almost turned the TV off.

This is the 21st Century, I never expected this type of situation in a country.  I thought everybody would have it figured out. 

Guess not.

kim Jong Un 5 11 2015

Tom Hedges

Tom Hedges

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