They go by many names; Conservative, Republican, right wing, alt-right… But I call them CRAP (Conservative Republicans and Putin).

They push bullshit in many forms, economic theories disproven years ago, racial hate, xenophobic statistics, religious bigotry, conspiracy theories, and all manner of political lies.

My liking, disagreeing or not, is not the point.

I do not even take notice of what particular lie or twisted slant a piece is pushing. It is not the particular crap that offends, but the crap source it comes from. It is crap sources like the list below that have polluted our web, have made people doubt fact from fiction and made others skeptical of all sources when it is only necessary to be discerning and stay away from CRAP. People reading crap has resulted in the kind of stupid that gave us Trump and I will call it out whenever and wherever I see it, so people will know it is CRAP.

Right about here, some people will point out that this entire premise is a logical fallacy. Although many will claim it an argument from authority, the correct (at least potentially) is a genetic fallacy. So, let’s get that out of the way forthwith...

logical fallacy

The genetic fallacy is a logical fallacy but is frequently not a Bayesian one: some sources are so consistently full of it that pointing this out reasonably constitutes a refutation for all practical purposes. If something is bullshit 99.9% of the time, it may not be worth investigating — especially when there are more trustworthy or pressing issues available. In short; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Fool me a third time and I must be a stupid asshole.

So, to get back on track here is a list of hard right sources that should not be shared. That is not a call to have them banned or somehow made illegal. It is the equivalent of a boycott.

Websites make money by accumulating “eyeballs” i.e. “views”. The more people click on their posts, the more they charge advertisers. Many advertising contracts are based on views (CPV) so these will directly bring revenue. By sharing their posts, YOU are their business plan and unwitting collaborator. How’s it feel to realize you are supporting racism? Or Misogyny? Not because you think it right, but because the fact that you are reading this from THIS source, means you probably don’t. BUT you have supported them financially, because THAT IS HOW THE WEB WORKS. You might use an Ad Blocker and that will deprive the direct 'per view' income BUT will still add to the total views that they can use as leverage when negotiating ad contracts. 

This is also why I do not link directly to each, even in this article, as that also helps them financially, albeit indirectly. You see the Google algorithm is heavily dependent on how many other websites link to it as one way of measuring relevance. The more links, the better rankings. So instead, where ever I can, I have linked to a source that explains why they are NOT a good source.

You say “we need to know how they think”. Fair enough and I agree completely with “know thy enemy” BUT, there are countless sources that report truthfully and fairly on the deplorable words and actions, so use THEM.

The list is a combination of magazines, websites, blogs and so-called think tanks in no particular order:

For those who think this list is every right of center entity, I present just one example to snuff that. In an open discussion among CitiZones of the Idiot Free Zone Facebook group, several voices appeared to stand up for William F. Buckley’s creation; The National Review. Even with some questionable statements from him in his past, the consensus was that it did not reach near the level of deceit and bigotry the others here make their foundation. 

Meanwhile we know for a fact,  it is mostly right wing sites that share crap 

Here is an expanded list 

PolitiFact's guide to fake news websites

After all this some will want to play that favorite game of people who have nothing to say of import; whataboutism.  In return I say; you are thinking of the article YOU want to write. My only nod in that direction is this site and the chart on it.

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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