golden calf

"All the President's Men" has grown bizarre and dangerous beyond anything from Nixon. That was a very different Congress and set of circumstances back then, in a country rather fed up with its youth dying in such a proxy war. Since Reagan, the GOP has slowly grown into a group seeking a theocracy hell bent on dismantling the intent and spirit of the US Constitution to bow to the golden calf, to use the myth with which it's justified. Moses never existed. The golden calf has been extant and only worshiped ever more vigorously since the mythological time ascribed to Moses, and now sits in the altar of the minds of those empowering the chaos of Trump. The paradox is intentionally shrouded in the enigma.

Under GW Bush and the horrific war he wrought on behalf of special interests (that was a unique moment after 9/11, when a divided world offered its help and heart to America, but GWB capitalized on the 3000 dead Americans), a draft was dismissed, some suggest so as to not have the parents of the elite lose their sons and daughters, and rise as a united voice, "Imagine," with the poor and disenfranchised against policy that threatens the planet. Trump by himself is a narcissistic idiot, and wreaks chaos with his staged reality TV show idea of government. That chaos has been exploited, everyone uses/abuses everyone for their own agendas, violent racism flourishes, as all of the hard-earned, evidence-based institutions designed for civilization to succeed, and bring America humanistically ajour with the facts of life, are top-down dismantling.

But the DNC is equally responsible, both for playing the Beltway special interests game and also for not taking the domestic threat seriously. A couple of thousand people around the globe, the multi-billionaire oligarchs, are in autoerotic heaven. Trump is just a tool for them, and a willfully blind, consumer electorate is happily building the Ivory Tower to which they are banned, and which will fall, simply due to the physics of the planet, and flatten to bloody pulp their (our) children.

Similar stories, perhaps not quite as idiotically dramatic as the orange thing in the Oval Office, are playing out globally.

The natural laws governing the cosmos disallow going back in time to fix anything.  The arrow of time makes clear that the only path to success is through learning from the past to change a future, of which the preponderance of all evidence indicates, will be a human-created hell on Earth, already in progress, and likely much worse and faster than the predictions that led to the Paris Agreement. Your vote, or lack of, this November, could be the most critically important decision you have ever made on behalf of your kids.

Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen

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