Trump Collusion Dummies

“In all of this, in any of this, there’s been no evidence that there’s been any collusion between the Trump campaign and President Trump and Russia. Let’s just make that really clear. There’s no evidence of collusion.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan


After countless ‘debates” with people about whether or not Putin affected our 2016 election, I decided it was necessary to put all the evidence in one place, Understand that the vast majority of these discussions were NOT with right-wing Trumpsters, but with lefties who either hate Hillary, love Bernie or are Jill supporters. I will leave off the fact that so many of them buying in to the ‘no collusion’ mantra and worse, always flipping it back on ‘but Hillary’ is in and of itself a sign of how successful the Kremlin campaign was. So in an effort to teach those still in the dark, not only to correct wrong opinions but so that we garner enough support to keep this from ever happening again, I pose a list of questions with answers in the embedded links;

So the Russians did not hack Democratic Party emails?

So Trump did not actually, literally invite the Russians to get dirt on Hillary?

So Trump did not say WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks,” on several occasions”?

So there was not extensive outreach between Trump and Russia?

So the NRA did not meet with Alexander Torshin?

So Donald Trump Jr. did not take a meeting with the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank while attending the National Rifle Association’s annual convention?

So Trump Jr. Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort did not attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting?

So the Putin campaign spending as yet uncounted totals to micro-target specific voters in key areas in the states most vulnerable to being flipped in the Electoral College had no effect? 

So the millions invested in Facebook and Twitter was “just a good investment?

So the ‘harvesting’ of millions of Facebook profiles was just for fun…?

So the thousands of phony Facebook groups spewing Hillary hate and supporting Bernie and Jill never existed?

So the countless websites created in Russia and other Eastern European countries pumping out REAL “fake news” to this day in order to sew discord among the American electorate don’t exist?

So the fake Hillary porn video that was viewed a quarter million times had no effect?

So the attempts to change voter info in key states is a lie?

So the confirmed reports of key Trump regime players setting up meetings with the express purpose of “getting information that can be used against Hillary” never happened?

So there has been no witness tampering?

No matter that every single item here and more has been corroborated and subpoenas, indictments and confessions have already started and that there are at least two ongoing investigations into collusion, money laundering and other high crimes

So I guess anybody who actually believes facts is stupid…?

So, maybe it’s time to catchup on what is going on… Reading this article and clicking on the links is a good start.

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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