March for our Lives

The March for our Lives Movement (MAROLI) closes upon the nation’s capital, as have myriad other citizens’ interest groups throughout the relatively short life of this republic. This time, there is a difference. MAROLI is not inhibited by time, politics or money. It is pushed by renewable youth, passion and technology.  The latter is kryptonite to the former.

MAROLI was born when yet another dissociated youth wreaked havoc upon a high school in peaceful Parkland, Florida. The surprisingly bright and very well-spoken surviving students of this still another bloody outrage in the halls of learning articulated a final, “Enough!” Immediately, their no-nonsense attitude struck a chord throughout the country. Thus MAROLI was born. This flaring of confident, youthful inhibition attracted the attention of those who could sponsor a bully pulpit in Washington City. Noticeably missing among those sponsors is the National Rifle Association (NRA). By not participating in MAROLI, the NRA is discarding the last, best opportunity to salvage any of its previous prestige as a respected social organization.

The National Rifle Association was begun by Civil War veterans as a marksman and hunting club. The NRA has a hundred-year history of supporting the sensible utilization of firearms. It backed government action with respect to machine guns and other outrageous individual activity with firearms – without once mentioning the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States!

In the 1970s, there was a radical coup within the NRA. With the image of Charles Hesston’s cold, dead fingers gripping the rifle stock, the rebels descended from the mountain with the Second Amendment engraved upon red, white and blue bedrock. Henceforth, the most powerful of assault weapons were to be treated with the same respect afforded to the holy American musket, as provided by the Testament of the United States Constitution– amen!

Now the gun makers were free to flood U.S. and world markets, protected by the Holy Scripture of the Second Amendment and untrammeled by annoying government regulations. In order to maintain this supremacy in weaponry, the NRA developed the unconscionable practice of bribing politicians of all stripes with fabulous amounts of money. If bribery does not work, it concentrates that cash into a fiery, political blade of removal. The NRA will not tolerate the slightest change in gun law, no matter how hideous gun massacres may become! Enter MAROLI with, “Enough!”

The NRA now has an opponent it cannot bully; it cannot belittle; it cannot bribe. This group-opponent currently is near voting age; at voting age; or may reach voting age tomorrow; or the next day; into perpetuity! This opponent cares not a whit about the NRA’s bottomless money pit. This opponent sees the Constitution for what it is: a document over which it alone has control. This opponent controls its own voice. This opponent has a megaphone with a power many times that of the NRA’s. This opponent has something beyond the reach of the NRA. This opponent has the vote!

In honor of the victims and survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School outrage, I dedicate the following lyrics, to which ultimately, I applied a melody:


Enough, enough…
Good wishes and fervent prayers.
Enough, enough…
Well-funded N.R.A. airs.
Enough, enough…
Bent bodies and gory halls.
Enough, enough…
Stunned parents – their stricken calls.

Too many have died,
Too many have lied.
It’s time to let it drop.

There’s been too much pain,
There’s nothing to gain.
The sham has got to stop.

Enough, enough…
Politicos’ empty speech.
Enough, enough…
Blood money for those who preach.
Enough, enough…
We’re not killed by hot-cross buns.
Enough, enough…
We’re talkin’ here deadly guns.

So, let ‘em all know
The end of the show
Takes place right here and now.

If they want our vote,
They’ll get on our boat.
To no one will be bow.

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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