Donald Trump monster

While in the title I apply Henry II’s allusion to Thomas Becket to mean “Us” and him who dishonors the Oval Office, it is obvious that that same thought haunts the mind of the Evil Interloper with regard to Robert Mueller.
Why do we watch this ridiculous clown show in silence? The answer seems to stem from a variety of dreadful apprehensions. Somehow or other, this Constitution-shop bull has succeeded in bullying the whole of our society. Will no one take him on?
Are we nuts? Why are we allowing this man continually to expose our nation to the Soviet/Russian expressed mentality of, “burying” us? Except for the delusional one-third of us, no one agrees with the treasonable presidential declaration that Putin is a preternatural pawn and innocent as a lamb in these U.S-substantiated accusations of Russian meddling in U.S. elections.
The man who was elected to. “Defend...the United States against all enemies…” curiously and unerringly finds no fault in a murderous tyrant who blatantly is attempting to restore Soviet-like controls and actively promotes his contempt for Western democracies. Why is there not, at this moment, a battalion of marines encircling the White House and flushing out this floor-flushing, floozy-flatterer?! Probably because they never would get through the constant, Moscow-style parade that this idiot man-child is planning, and which would sap needed funding from the practical purposes of our armed services.
Amazingly, smack in the midst of, #MeToo which was dubbed last year as Time Magazine’s most topical of topics, this clueless clod shed salty tears over the departure of two brutality-in-marriage-charged White House staff members.

We know this is only to salve his guilt – no, his resentment over similar charges against himself. But, even among all of that pathology, does there not exist a modicum of common sense regarding, “Timing?” Sheeze!
Caution, folks: Do you notice how subtly – except for a few hardy, but departing members of his own party – he has silenced his compatriots on one side of the aisles on Capitol Hill, and now has accused the other side of being, “Treacherous” because of their refusal to respond demonstrably to his blathering at a joint session. What thoughts does this conjure up:
• The Leader (TL) will brook no dissent
• TL must be listened to
• TL must be obeyed
• TL must never be challenged
• TL must be saluted – whether present or not
• No calumny of TL will be brooked – Oops!
• TL’s word is law
• TL is never wrong
• Hail to TL!

As can be seen, scratches on a piece of parchment easily are expunged by the toxic combination of Opportunity, Time and Circumstance.

 *****  *****  *****
No people were prouder than they
Who sat on a big pile of hay.
Along came a match,
And with just one scratch,
They all were in fiery dismay!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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