Golden Dawn of Europe

The golden dawn, the acceptance of the extreme right into government in Norway, the resurgence of the worst kind of Nazis in the Baltic, Austria & Hungary, Greece - the media romance of France with the front national - these are all cause for concern but history instructs us that these thugs always appear when there is crisis.

History also instructs us that they are inevitably defeated because though they try to seduce the people & sometimes the people are momentarily attracted, they see its real face. A face of violence, of injustice & of shame.

In each country where the fascists are resurgent they have been responsible for unspeakable crimes & they have always betrayed the people to the elites. Without exception.

Golden Dawn Greece

Throughout my life, this long life I have confronted them on the streets of a number of cities including London & Italy and they are cowards, thoroughgoing cowards.

That cowardice tells us something, they do not have it within their stomachs to resolve or even attempt to resolve complex problems.

That is why, they are all fists & feet & always their sneering smile - I cannot think of a fascist leader in Europe who doesn't express in their own face, their hatred of the people.

They hate the people in exactly the same way that the elites do. That is not so strange, there has always been a symbiosis between the elites & fascism, in every sphere. Our great film maker pier Paolo Pasolini revealed that utterly especially in his final film, Salo.

My collaborator, Thomas Harlan, revealed the real nature of fascism, in all his films & books. That they are basically a squalid crew, who delight in their days of power but have no vision outside of cruelty. The future does not belong to them, nor could they accept the future of multiplicities & multitudes

The reality is that both the fascists & the elites fear us, they fear our possibilities & that is why in the next decade, they will, just like the mafia heighten their violence as Tomas Buscetta & judge Falcone suggested but it will not be a sign of strength but of the final weakness.

On the time until they cease, the weakest amongst us need to be defended with all our heart, with all our force.

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Christopher Barnet

Christopher Barnet

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