How long will the neutered, ninny nincompoops in Congress just sit there in their own excrement, while a raving maniac driver, hauling Super Trailer U.S.A., continues hell-bent for leather down the road to perdition? They, and they alone, hold the ignition cutoff switch. Their shameful lack of action, protecting their petty, political perquisites, to the detriment of the hegemony of the nation, not only is beyond contempt, it is indictable treachery!

Pent up in that speeding semi are national prerogatives sorely in need of calm, deliberative solution. They include:

• Along with partners in Asia and Australia, we may again be on the path to active war on the Korean Peninsula – despite the scrumptiousness of Mar-a-Lago’s chocolate cake. China’s leader, our supposed pacifier to the Wild Man of Pyong Yang, may indeed be his nuclear supplier, as was earlier suggested in this IFZ space.
• Following the devious undulations of the dragon, there still remains the question of the mysterious appearance of new islands in the South China Sea. Besides the related, petty provocations, perpetrated by a petulant China in the neighborhood of the artificial aqua art, she continues to grouse and threat when U.S. vessels rightfully cruise through waters that she peremptorily claims as her own. Sooner or later, this boil, too, must be lanced.
• Although it appears that ISIS is about to be ejected from Iraq, that is by no means a guarantee of its extinction. Not only must its leadership spoors be followed to other possible land-taking, but its ability to manipulate vulnerable minds via cyber waves will require worldwide cooperation to forestall.
• The religious alphabet soup mix in Syria, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere is much too dangerous and complicated to be contemplated in the limited number of characters allotted by Twitter.
• Then, there is Vladimir. This must be especially appalling to those pusillanimous politicians who understand him and his attitude toward the U.S. They cringe in their self-serving bunkers, in the realization that he whom they support in the Oval Office, never has uttered a critical, “Mumblin’ Word” in the direction of Vladimir Putin – America’s declared adversary in policy; the field; the air; on the sea; and in the cyber world. What a bunch of cringing copouts! They care more for their seats in chamber than they do for the seat of government.

We other passengers in the runaway semi are not necessarily powerless in this dilemma. Our power is remote and less direct. Nevertheless, even though it is a delayed action, ultimately, it is effective against unmitigated, “Dandiss (poltroons) in Aspic.” (Novel by Derrick Marlow: A Dandy in Aspic.)

***** ***** *****


All the Capital is silent,
During a season of, “Boom!!”
Throughout the noiseless halls I went,
Being sure to check every room.

Known, now it is, the famed Crown Prince
Suffers from flat-feet of clay.
Such, it is, that none dare wince.
They all have nothing to say.

Nothing, either, is new at court –
Not when it comes to the King.
He’s quite the brazen, mouthy sort,
With a sharp tongue that will sting.

Somehow, he tricked all the kingdom;
Thus did he come to the throne.
He’s like an unwelcome stink-bomb,
Lazily, carelessly thrown.

No matter how the stench chokes them,
Their mouths stay faithfully shut.
The king need say only, “Ahem.” –
All opposition is cut.

Washington City is silent.
No one there dares make a peep.
It’s yellow and blue, like, “Soylent”
Sheep their own counsel do keep.


Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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