If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, Puerto Rico’s government should’ve been put in a straightjacket and interned in the loony bin decades ago.

This weekend, June 11, will see yet another plebiscite where citizens will be asked to vote on whether Puerto Rico should become officially annexed to the United States, becoming the 51st State; become an independent country or remain a US colony. These plebiscites have happened so many times, I’ve lost count and don’t even care to remember. Even when the statehood option has won (usually the colonial option wins), nothing has ever changed. US Congress is simply not interested.


Top: "Now" 
Bottom: "With Statehood"

The current plebiscite is being rammed down citizens’ throats by the pro-Statehood party that controls the local government. There are endless parties and campaign events and loudspeakers everywhere encouraging people to vote.

Many, but obviously not most, Puerto Ricans know how absurd these plebiscites are and have counterattacked by publishing memes ridiculing the notion that being a US State will suddently make all of Puerto Rico’s problems dissappear and make us more stereotypically "American."


Top: "Without Statehood"
Bottom: "With Statehood"

I’m not exaggerating. As one pro-Statehood senator said in a recent campaign event: “Statehood for Puerto Rico is so close that it smells like snow!” Oh, the cringe!

But politicking is a national Puerto Rican passtime - it’s more fun than having to actually fix the severe economic problems the archipielago is suffering from and the government couldn’t care less. So let the meme magic flow.


T. Rosa

T. Rosa

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