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I was having a typical day, sharing one of the IFZ’s author’s articles (linked HERE so you can see what started this) in different groups and websites and starting to respond to some replies... and then it changed. Not all of a sudden, but in steps. Seemed at first to be something that happens to me a LOT, I post stuff both from IFZ and many other sources, some of which can be considered controversial by many and some that can really light up those on the right. So I am used to going toe-to-toe with, uhm, hostiles. And it seemed this was going to be just another one of those... when it took an interesting turn.

I have done minimal editing so that you may be exposed to the voice of the “other” just as I was, in “real time” which turned out to be more than 3 hours.


Keith Eidson


Jose Rosa Care to point to a specific issue you contest?

Keith Eidson No need....Any article that portrays our President in the Hannibal Lector mask, and is published by a Soros funded Secular Progressive web site called "IdiotFreeZone" is not worth my time reading.....

Jose Rosa If only "published by a Soros funded Secular Progressive web site called "IdiotFreeZone" were true...

But that’s ok... I understand your delusional paranoia, it is a product of many years of brainwashing by christian preachers, Fox News and the lie factories like Birghtbart, Alex Jones, and the rest of the crowd who were so easily manipulated by Putin.

Keith Eidson Says a guy suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.....

Jose Rosa So, I’m curious and have few opportunities to talk to a real Trump supporter... How can you support a guy that has broken so many of his campaign promises? I don’t mean all the things I hate about him, but all the stuff he said in the campaign that got you to vote for him. You know stuff like “Mexico will pay for it”...

Keith Eidson Hello Jose!

Okay, I will try and answer your question since it is legitimate.

First, I don't think your statement that Trump has broken so many of his promises is accurate. Let's review:

In the first four months of the Trump Presidency and Trump Administration, President Trump has:

• Caused Illegal Immigration to decrease by over 70 percent!

• Seen the return of American jobs, to include the coal industry and U.S. Steel!

• The Stock Market is at an all time record high....Ever!

• The “Debt” has decreased by over $120 Billion!

• The U.S. Manufacturing Index has soared to a 34 year High!

• NATO announced that spending is up by our allies by over $10 Billion!

• Justice Neal Gorsich now sits on the Supreme Court!

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions has Justice focused in the right direction!

• The Obama Administration’s “Cap & Trade” crap has been eliminated!

• The White House web page is now only in English!

• The Trump Administration killed the “Trans-Pacific-Partnership”; (“TPP”)!

• The Dakota & Keystone Pipeline are now under construction!

• President Trump signed the “Veteran’s Choice Improvement Act”!

• The Trump Administration has focused the EPA back to their original mission: “Clean Water/Clean Air”!

• Trump has rolled back crippling debilitating regulations upon business!

• Trump Mandate that: For Every New Regulation; Two Old Regulations must be deleted”!

• Trump Ban on Administration Officials becoming Lobbyists!

• Repaired the U.S.’s friendship with Israel!

• Put North Korea’s Kim Jung “Crisco” Un on Notice!

• Bombed the Shit out of ISIS with the MOAB!

• Consumer Confidence is at a 30 year high!

• Has started taking bids on and planning the beginning phases of securing our southern border!

I’d say that’s a pretty good start Jose; and it’s a shame that Americans like you are not more supportive! Look at how the media has treated our President and the number of lies, misstatements of truth and prevaricate allegations have been levied against the President and the Trump Administration! I am now 60 years of age, and been active in politics my entire adult life....I've never witnessed the opposition literally so antagonistic as it has been since the election of Donald Trump, and I supported him because I have had a belly full of the proverbial "Uni-Party" where there's not a dime's worth of difference between a Republican and Democrat; where most all of the D.C. Beltway consists of Globalists, Elitists, Establishment "Rockfellerian" politicians that literally have their own interests (and K Street Lobbyists!) at heart!

Jose Rosa Thank you for that response.

Obviously for me most of it is either not quite what it seems, or worse, the opposite direction of what we should be doing, but the perspective of “the other side” aspect is enlightening.
Jose Rosa Did you write the list?

Keith Eidson Yes.

Jose Rosa Would you be ok with me using it verbatim in an article?

I'm thinking that I am not the only "leftie" who doesn't get to here Trump supporters positions very often, other than the occasional shouting match.

I would do my best not to include my own opinion on any of it, but strictly use your words. It would basically be me, acting as a reporter, to get your take.

If you are ok with the idea I’d like to ask a few more questions.


Keith Eidson ! There's a couple of grammatical errors in there....I don't want to look like a dumbass, but no, I don't have any real objection!

Jose Rosa I would edit any typos or you can and send it to me...

Keith Eidson Feel free!

Jose Rosa Would you want to be anonymous or have credit?

Keith Eidson I am just now actually looking at "IdiotFreeZone"....Jose; I have no objection to you posting it either way....I can only imagine how it will be portrayed, and how your audience will perceive it, but I do think it's a fair representation of how I, and most Americans who are informed do feel. I see you're now in Diego! (I have a number of good friends that I grew up with here in Tampa living out there; and they share the typical "Cal-Mindset" as you do! Must be in the water out there!

Jose Rosa I promise to use my questions and your answers with no editorial comment except a short lead-in describing how we started talking and a final close, which will not judge but simply allow readers to make their own minds...

Keith Eidson LOL! Feel free, and I regret that I accused you of being, "Soros Funded"! After review of "IdiotFreeZone"; I will also semi-back off of the term "Secular Progressive"; (Google It!) but Progressive, no doubt you are!

Jose Rosa LOL... I would love to be ANYBODY funded! While most of the authors are Progressive, that is not a requirement, although I most definitely am and proud of it.

Jose Rosa Ready for a few more questions?

Keith Eidson I have a few minutes!

Jose Rosa Let’s start with the example I gave earlier;
How do you feel about the fact that Mexico will not pay for the wall?

Keith Eidson I thought that the "Who's gonna pay for the wall?" chant at Trump rallies was more humorous than it was a factual claim or a campaign promise!

Having said that, I genuinely believe that we must secure our southern border. A "Wall" is a figment of speech. The two things that bothered me the most prior to the 2016 election, were, (1) The Debt; and (2) Illegal Immigration, and the current and future workforce in the U.S.

We as a Nation may survive (as a Nation) for another half century with the out of control debt; and we can probably survive another couple of decades with the massive influx of both legal and illegal immigration, but we as a Nation cannot survive both of these calamities......
Keith Eidson I do think that there are a number of creative ways that we will "Collect" the cost of the southern border from Mexico.....

Jose Rosa What do you think about the fact that Trump swore he would make healthcare better & cheaper for everybody and then signed a bill that gutted it and left millions with no option?

Keith Eidson I don't believe that Trump's signed a bill that left millions with no option!

I think it's fact that the ACA is a failure, period. I don't like the current bill that the House has sent up to the Senate either, but it's better than the ACA/ObamaCare.

Jose Rosa He also said he would never touch Medicare and Medicaid

Keith Eidson I think what he said, is that he would not allow for those who are indigent to go without health care. We, as a Nation, have never allowed the indigent to go without health care....Ever!
Keith Eidson And the Trump Admiistration has not suggested cutting off the indigent or getting rid of our safety nets!

The problem, is the exorbitant costs that have been passed on to the Middle Class1

Jose Rosa How does a typical Trump supporter differ from old school Republicans and Tea Party activists?

Keith Eidson Good Question!

I think I qualified (at one point in time) as being a part of all three of the groups you just tagged....

I think that today, (and I was initially a Cruz supporter up until October, 2015; e.g.; 13 months before the election) I, like so many conservatives, had become tired of the Republican Party....

Getting past the attacks and mud slinging between the Right versus the Left, or Conservative versus Liberal; most Trump supporters are tired of the literal corruption in Washington D.C. We feel as though there is literally a "Uni-Party" consisting of globalist, elitist, "Establishment" politicians who represent the proverbial banksters; K Street Lobbyists; and literally a "Globalist-New World Order" agenda, of which there's not a dime's worth of difference between most Democrats and Republicans. I could expand upon this, but in general this concisely represents the majority of Trump Supporters who still believe that President Trump will do all within his power to break this corrupt "D.C. Swamp" mentality; which I surmise will most likely take decades, if it's not already too late to make a course correction.

Jose Rosa Thanks... I'm trying to cover topics that lefties talk about and assume answers for.

Jose Rosa What would you say to typical lefties that accuse Trump and maybe more importantly, his supporters of being Xenophobic, Islamaphobic, Homophobic, Misogynist and Racist?

Keith Eidson I hope this is helpful! I am being as frank, honest and straightforward as I can be.

Keith Eidson ! All Progressives say that, to each and every conservative and most especially to Trump Supporters!

What I find, is that most of this is the typical Secular Progressive talking point and spin....We've come to ignore it. My answer would be posed with a question: "Can you give any example of "Islamophobia, Misogyny, Homophobia or Racism"?

Keith Eidson (That President Trump has committed?) I surely haven't heard the President say anything racist, homophobic, anti-Islamic, or misogynist!

Jose Rosa I assume you are a Christian...?

Where does that fit in to your support of Trump?

Keith Eidson Yes, I am a Christian. I don't see my faith as playing too much of a role in my political thinking...I'm sure that it does sway some of my observations and decisions.....It's not the most deciding factor.

Jose Rosa Where do you stand on abortion?

Keith Eidson Today, I am opposed to abortion. At one time, in the not too distant past, although I was personally opposed to abortion, I believed in the tenets of Roe; and generally believed that the "government" had no business getting involved in abortions; an issue that I felt was between a woman and her God>

Today, after learning the amount of abortions performed in the United States; after learning of groups like Planned Parenthood selling dead baby parts and baby cadavers; and knowing of partial birth abortions; (and again, back to the point of how many abortions are performed daily within the U.S.) I am opposed to Roe v. Wade; and believe that this should be a matter decided on a State level. As a Floridian, I would be opposed to Florida legalizing abortions other than for the safety or well being of the Mother.

Jose Rosa Guns... ?

Keith Eidson Pro-Gun....Pro-Second Amendment.

Jose Rosa How would you describe yourself?

Keith Eidson LOL! Come on Jose! I'm sure you will portray me as a "Dying Out Southern White Florida Cracker"!

I believe that I am well informed, fairly well educated; and conservative.

Jose Rosa What would you like to add that I haven’t asked about?

Keith Eidson Hey Jose! (I still have to make a living! Sorry for the delay!)

Uhm.....I'm sure that there's a number of issues that we haven't touched upon....I am quite adamant about the influx of immigrants, and most especially about refugees from the Middle East coming into the Nation without being vetted. I also think that we should definitely scale down the amount of immigrants that we allow into the Nation; until such time as our work force is much better. (I don't know the numbers right off hand, but prior to January, 2017, there were over 97 million Americans out of the work force....

I also have some very strong opinions on Islam; (In that it is an ideology, which contains a small segment of theology within the ideology; and generally, that Islam is counter to Western societies....I've lived with Muslims; I have no personal animosity toward Muslims; and I also have no qualm with the Islamic faith, (which is contained within the Islamic Ideology)

Jose Rosa No worries, I only have one more question...

I should have asked this earlier,
what is your take on what is being called RussiaGate?

Keith Eidson To date, I've seen nothing whatsoever that would convince me that the Trump Campaign was colluding with Russia in order to somehow sway the electorate.

What we saw from the purported "17 Federal Intelligence Agencies"; (which in all actuality, were ...See More

Jose Rosa I want to thank you for the opportunity to allow me into your way of thinking. No doubt we both already know that I personally disagree with a lot of your views, but it is refreshing to hear them without the acrimony and hostility that online conversations usually include.

Would you be ok with me getting back to you later, if I have more questions?

Keith Eidson I look forward to it, and it's a pleasure to introduce myself to ya! Have a great day! (And oh! By the way, if you do choose to publish any of my comments, I hope you'll provide me a link!

Good to see ya!

Jose Rosa Just to be sure, you are ok with me using your real name, knowing that the final article will be posted here and other groups...?

Keith Eidson I would prefer, "KeithInTampa" but I have no strong objection Jose!)

Jose Rosa I can add your Twitter handle

Keith Eidson @KeithInTampa..

Jose Rosa Thanks again... Should have it ready to go in a few days... and now that we are FB Friends (a unique pair no doubt) I will PM a link

Post script:

So there it is, with no editorial from me, as promised. Frankly I think it speaks for itself and hopefully will help all of us understand who it is putting those people on the other side of the isle in their seats.

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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