Definition of sycophant:

definition of sycophant

Donald Trump on Donald Trump: "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters".

Peeking behind the Velvet Curtain....

Donald John Trump. Go ahead, I dare you to look in the mirror and say his name five times in a row; fearing if such a magical spell was cast, that somehow you would conjure an incubus. Few names in the “civilized world” have the ability to invoke as much controversy, raw emotion and even adulation as the name of this 70-year-old real estate tycoon, turned television celebrity, turned politician, and now recently elected president of the United States of America.

The “unruly rich kid” who grew up at 85-15 Wareham Place located in the exclusive all-White neighborhood of Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, has by virtue of the power of the U.S. electoral college; Russian internet hacking / infiltration and the support of the American “Christian Right”, is now incredulously the 45th and current President of the United States of America.

The son of a first-generation German-American (father) and a Scottish immigrant (mother), Donald Trump, the billionaire who acquired his initial wealth by inheriting and expanding his father’s and paternal grandmother’s New York City real estate empire, is the epitome of a “living enigma wrapped inside a perplexing riddle”.

Part bully, part circus barker, and 100% narcissistic-megalomaniac, the man who is “the baby-daddy” of five children from three different women has enthusiastically embraced his Steve Bannon-created role as “Defender of America’s Christian-Supremacists”.

Trump chosen by god

For those who may not know, Christian-Supremacists are followers of a Christ that loathes the LGBT community, Black Civil Rights, Equal Pay for Women, The Right of Women to legally end their pregnancy (while piously endorsing the death penalty) and of course the immigration of [more] indigenous-American-Brown-people into the United States.

Their complex fear of the LGBT community, of powerful and assertive women and, “The Browning of America”, fits perfectly with the core beliefs of their chosen leader...Herr Donald J. Trump.

Trump in all his self-glorifying and unrepentant splendor is the vengeful Pied Piper that American Christian-Supremacists faithfully cling to and dutifully follow as they patiently wait for him to appoint / anoint one more conservative supreme court justice to the bench. They’ve figured out a long time ago that the best way to “constitutionally” create the utopic-nation that they seek is by infiltrating the system with lawmakers and supreme court justices that will preserve “their culture” and promote their puritanical-nationalist endeavors.

These wannabe 21st century Puritans have formed an unlikely but successful political coalition that consists mainly of remnants from the 2008 Tea Party Revolution, American Neo-Nazis, Friends of the Confederacy, Extreme Anti-Abortionists and of course, money grubbing fake-ass preachers / ambitious HBCU presidents who don’t mind being tagged as a “sellout” as long as their reward from Herr Trump is paid in gold and silver.

Trump HBCU

Cloaked and baptized in his sanctimonious biblical quotes from two Corinthians, Trump during his Saturday commencement speech to the 2017 graduating class from Liberty University (An ultra-conservative “Christian” University) boasted to the crowd, “We live in a country that worships God and not government”. Wow... and this comes from a man who proudly stated that he has never asked God for forgiveness and...has professed to wanting the political power to “turn the federal government upside down”.

Metaphorically, somewhere in a cheap motel in Queens, New York, “Irony” in a state of deep denial has hung itself. Folks...we Americans and yes, the entire world, are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone that is being directed by the most corrupt and insidious Edgar Allan Poe imaginable. In Trump World, “up is down” and “truth is just a matter of opinion”.

In little more than 100 days in office, Donald Trump, his chief demon whisperer (Steve Bannon) and their sycophant “friends” are replacing facts and truths with mind bending “alternative facts”. It’s an old Joseph Goebbels trick / illusion that’s designed to create obedient sheeple.

Trump has embraced global tyrants and Russian oligarchs, leaking Top Secret information regarding ISIL intelligence to the same people he and his campaign staff are under investigation by several intelligence committees and agencies for illegal collusion; jeopardizing American lives and the lives of human “boots on the ground intelligence”; while simultaneously insulting long-time allies; he has granted his family access to the highest levels of U.S. Government, as a means of enhancing their personal wealth; he has villainized nearly all Mexicans and Muslims, and... he has grossly abused his executive power as a means to exact revenge on his political enemies. His bullying tactics demand absolute loyalty to “Him” and him alone. No matter how fantastic the lie he tells, he demands that his followers believe it. It’s as though the “emperor” knows he’s buck naked and he is daring anyone to acknowledge it.

Trump’s recent firing of James Comey as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations is an obvious attempt to stifle serious investigation into his possible financial and political ties with “Putin and Friends”, and that’s just the half of it.

As the world looks on in utter shock at the systematic dismantling of democracy in the United States of America, Republican leaders in Washington D.C. have looked away, opting to tolerate Trump’s irrational acts and narcissistic-megalomaniac behavior, simply because they need him to sign off on their regressive agenda.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have calculated that for the time being it’s in their political party’s best interest to endure Trump’s insane and dangerous pomposity as a means to stack the supreme court with as many conservative justices as possible and to pass legislation that further empowers the ultra-wealthy while concurrently eradicating any federal governmental programs that provides a “safety net” to the American middle-class, the poor and the sick. It’s the silent “March of the Sycophants” and it’s real and it’s extremely dangerous.


In closing, I will soon present “Exhibit B” in the form of written commentary that further pulls back the velvet curtains that hides and distorts “Trump World”. Until then, thanks for tuning in. And if you like what you read, please feel free to share my work as a writer with a friend or two.

Sincerely, a concerned American.

Gregory Boyce

Gregory Boyce

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