Ivanka trump booed Germany

When Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel invited Ivanka Trump to a women’s world conference in Berlin, she was unaware that she was getting a two-fer: 1) Revenge, and exposure on a world stage of a dangerous, social monster; and 2) the possible salvation of a bright and engaging – but otherwise brainwashed – “poor little rich girl.” So conditioned was Ivanka, that when she publicly was excoriated by women at the conference for attempts to sanctify a father whose sins are legion in every nook and cranny of the globe, she could ignorantly and unperturbedly assign blame to, “The Media.”

What does this have to do with women, the N-word and Ms. Kushner? Along with African Americans, women as a class are the next largest group who, for centuries, have been cruelly deprived of their full rights as citizens. This is magnified by its continuance – despite Abigail Adams’ gentile admonition -- before and after both wars supposedly fought to sustain the proposition of human equality. In our society, it has been proven that the tendency to suppress women as a class is stronger than it is for men of African origin.

Seneca Falls Convention 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucretia Mott Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass escaped bondage and became a second-class leader in the Abolitionist Movement. He was very supportive when free White women met at Seneca Falls in 1848, to declare their independence. However, when the 15th Amendment to the Constitution was being drafted, he went along with the notion that freed, “men” should receive the franchise to vote, even before it was granted to White -- and freed -- women. (Native Americans were not even in the conversation.) This outraged those who convened at Seneca Falls and the myriad similar gatherings it had spawned. Douglass was apologetic, of course, weaseling out with the supposition that, once freedmen could vote (Hah!) they could then support women’s franchise at the poles. There was a certain logic to that, but even for a person who had been enslaved, male supremacy seems to have dominated his thoughts. Jump ahead 100 years: For all of his vaunted efforts to uplift those who had been depressed by our society over the centuries, Martin Luther King, Jr. was criticized for his failure to promote female leadership.Women had to wait until the beginning of the Flapper Age to be able to vote – and they were still second-class citizens in most other aspects of public and private life.

Needless to say, even with her failings – which pale against those of the current POTUS -- the Hillary tale is awash with intrigue about Black and White male supremacy, and how – even among a wide swath of the female population – this society still harbors a deep and immutable opposition to the equality of women. What more proof do we need than the fact that a Constitutional Amendment stating just that simple fact, to this date, is still stuck in the craw of the American Eagle!

It was no contest: Naïve Ivanka pitted against a consortium of world-wise women, well aware of history as stated above – and even longer and wider on a global scale. Of course, she was first disadvantaged by being given an office in the West Wing. To turn such innocence loose in the Realpolitik world is unconscionable. To expect her to defend her flawed father before such an astute and critical gathering is nothing less than daughter-abuse. It is one thing for a group of voters – “deplorables” or otherwise – to overlook the obvious negative personal qualities and mental disqualification of a candidate, but to expect the world, in silence, to be bamboozled by a be-flowered description of that same person is beyond the pale. His true reputation will precede our president around the world. He may be afforded diplomatic treatment by officials, but he can expect the same treatment from the hoi-polloi as was dished out to his damaged daughter in Germany.

Yeah, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” but you still got a bit of a way to go, mah sweet li’l Niggah gal!

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He sent his daughter to Berlin,
Expecting flowers there within.
The poor girl was trashed;
Her confidence dashed –
One hopes he’ll not do that again.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono said it back in 1972

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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