Coconut Nunes

Devin Gerald Nunes represents a California congressional district that includes Fresno County. In 1986, there was a short-lived mini-TV series called, “Fresno.” It was a parody of several very successful series of the era. The recent antics of Devin Nunes in Washington, D.C. reminds one of a character plucked right out of that misbegotten TV series.

First off, Mr. Nunes has to be cracked open in order to reveal the coconut he actually is. Although Nunes is of Portuguese extraction, “Coconut” is certainly what his “Latinness” would cause him to be dubbed by the larger Latin community: Brown on the outside; white on the inside. That is the Latino version of, “Oreo Cookie,” the venerable, “House Nigger.” I forget the Asian ass-kissing symbol – could be the banana. Why is Nunes a coconut?

• He is a Republican. The only minorities the Republicans tolerate are subservient Oreos, Coconuts and Bananas
• He flatters The Donald to a fault. Trumps disdain for Latinos is constant and unambiguous

Nunes’ path to, “Coconutdom” is well worn by myriad Oreos, Coconuts and Bananas – and other asskissers, not necessarily with racial overtones. These are people of low self-worth, who seek the rewards and approval of those they deem their betters. They pretend not to notice the thinly veiled contempt, and giddily wallow in the pleasurable glow of feigned acceptance.

Nunes finally got the opportunity to prove his true worth as a Cocoista. He was a member of Trump’s interregnum team. Now, improbably and improperly, as head of the House Intelligence Committee, supposedly investigating the administration’s connection with Russian intervention in the election, he was given a pat-on-the-head chore. Glowing in the attention of multiple press conferences on the Hill and at the White House, Nunes announced that he had received this information and, with the blessing of the Speaker of the House, he was going to take it to the White House – presumably to absolve Donald Trump of his stupid charge of Obama’s spying. As it turned out, the White House itself had provided him with the information! He was merely the rolling coconut patsy.

Regardless of the validity of the information involved, Nunes did not notify his co-chairman or anyone else on the committee. There are demands that he resign or be replaced on the committee. So far, his only master, the Speaker of the House, has refused to budge. The committee and its portfolio remain transfixed.

Nunes ill-advised venture now stands out in stark relief against other startling, related events:

• The very composed and bipartisan Senate Intelligence committee has begun its hearings on the Russian connection, punctuated by the unsettling revelations of experts in the matter.
• Mike Flynn, Trump’s former campaign guru and later fired cabinet member has requested congressional or other immunity – supposedly in exchange for his spinning a hinted harrowing tale of intrigue and been turned down, for now.

Devin Nunes’ improbable venture between the Capitol and the White House never will inspire the poetry of Paul Revere’s ride, but it might glom onto the merry English melody: “Oi’ve Got a Loverly Bunch of Coconuts.”

***** ***** *****

A coconut fell off the tree.
It rolled until it could not see.
“Wonder if he’s blind? –
“Will he ever find
“Out who he is, or whence came he?”

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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