Trump tweeting

(A single delegate from the majority party of both houses of congress meet in a secret chamber, deep within the bowels of the Capitol Building underground.)

SENATOR: Are you sure Putin and Assange are unable to penetrate this facility?
REPRESENTATIVE: Not even with their satanical, subterranean swiper.

SENATOR: What about you-know-who, with the thrombotic, twirling thumb?
REPRESENTATIVE: Same applies. He is the D.C. point that completes the Moscow-London-Washington cyber-spy triangle

SENATOR: Then, it ought to be safe for us to get on with our discussion. You have no idea of the precautions we had to take just to get up an agenda for this meeting.
REPRESENTATIVE: Same here. We’re all terrified. Any snippet getting into that White House is instant fodder for the next morning’s venomous Twitter-twaddle.

SENATOR: OK, what have you guys got so far?
REPRESENTATIVE: Our high crimes and misdemeanor list has grown so fast that we probably could start instituting articles by tomorrow; but, everybody is so concerned about being isolated by a vicious Twitter barrage that nobody is ready to pull the lever yet. How’s it look on your side?

SENATOR: Well, we’re pretty much up the same tree; we’re not so sure of the other side of the aisle; they could be weighing the pros and cons. Of course, nobody on our side wants to get caught, dangling out there alone.
REPRESENTATIVE: Yeah, that’s the big problem. It’s got to be unity all the way, because if we miss the target in either house, the piano-wire treatment for those rebel generals in Berlin will seem like a tea party next to the furor that will emanate from the Oval Office.

SENATOR: Yup. We’re aware of those pitfalls. Ergo, this hell-level confab. Can you believe how we all were snookered?
REPRESENTATIVE: Forget that bullshit makeover! We knew exactly what we had. It’s just that we thought we could control him.

SENATOR: You’re right; it’s just that it is hard to admit. Who knew the sombitch was really that crazy and vengeful. But, recrimination is not going to help us right now.
REPRESENTATIVE: That’s right. So, what do you guys propose?

SENATOR: Before setting up a committee, the House has to be absolutely positive of what the final vote is going to be in the full House. Likewise, the Senate must have an irrevocably accurate, final vote-count. There must be no room for error.
REPRESENTATIVE: Correct. Let’s close for now, and set a date for our next meeting.

SENATOR: OK, and if we have the figures at that time, we all agree that it’s a “go”...

SENATOR: What’s the matter?!
REPRESENTATIVE: Let me turn up this CNN report...

WOLF BLITZER: ...Our Twitter feed has just picked up these continuous tweets from the President:

Trump Tweet 1

Trump Tweet 2

Trump Tweet 3

Trump Tweet 4

Trump Tweet 5Trump Tweet 6

Trump Tweet 7

Trump Tweet 8

Trump Tweet 9

Trump Tweet 10

Trump Tweet 11

Stay tuned...

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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