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Skatingdrome USA was crowded for the competition. Show-off DJT arrived late, but with great fanfare. He donned his skating attire through a non-stop torrent of egoistic bravura. The contestants in the preliminary skate-down regarded him with disdain. – as it turned out, to their peril!

First one, then another of the preliminary skaters went through his/her routine. Each and every one of them was mercilessly berated by DJT, before and after their performances. He seemed to take particular joy in the discomfort he caused. Some of the skaters attempted to rejoin in kind, but not having access to the same endless pit of degradation as DJT, they remained at a definite disadvantage.

DJT was the last to do his stuff in the preliminaries. He had demoralized his competition to the point where it negatively affected their performances. That dispirited field succumbed to the overinflated ego and self-importance that propelled the unencumbered executions of the ever confident DJT, who won handily over all of them.

The major competition was between DJT and the female winner of the opposing preliminary group. Although DJT had lots of experience in amateur skating meets, this was his first professional trial. HRC was a competent professional. She was self-assured, without being arrogantly egotistical. The latter description was plastered on the forehead of DJT. He regarded HRC with his usual disdain, and the meet was on.

Taking advantage of any weakness on the part of his opponent, DJT noticed a slight stumble in HRC’s initial opening, and he grabbed onto it and relentlessly refused to let it go. This distracted HRC for bit, but her practiced professionalism allowed her to get by it. This only enraged DJR and caused him continually to drag up from his endless pit of derogatory comments anything that would distract her. Finally, and surprisingly, the meet was over, and DJT had won.

Later, it was discovered that among the judges there was a certain element from a disgraced faction known as. “Alt Right” and “Ku Klux Klan.” These judges, it was noted, voted overwhelmingly in favor of DJT. When informed of this, DJT managed an expression of faux horror, which convinced nobody. When asked if he would denounce the tenets of those outlaw judges, he reiterated the snow-white purity of his own thoughts and actions. When asked if he would denounce the support of the disgraced judges, the air remained frozen in anticipation of his refusal to comment.

***** ***** *****

While gliding in a skating rink,
Be sure to look and always think.
Scan from side to side;
They are known to hide
Within the crowd or on the brink!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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