The Republican National Convention came to Ohio, July 2016, enticing an evil cadre of cronies who grovel at the feet of the Republican Party’s ‘Macbeth’ - Donald J Trump.

MacBethTrumpTrump, whose political ambitions gave rise to “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury” got the required Electoral votes to win on election night 2016. And Ohio, my home state, was one of the first important swing states to fall into the bubbling cauldron of “double, double toil and trouble”, turning the roiling brew of “United States of America” into a toxic oxymoron.

We are more divided, than we are united. The Trump-Macbeth campaign wielded a knife that sliced through the fabric of civil discourse pierced Lady Liberty’s heart, opening a wound so deep that it may prove fatal.

And they show no remorse for their unsympathetic actions. No remorse before, during, or after the election; no remorse for their vile obstructionism towards President Obama for the past eight years; no remorse for making America hate again. No remorse. None. None at all.

They stay inside their isolated bubble, holding court on women, minorities, LBGTs and science; making no serious attempt to wash out the bigoted stains they’ve imposed on our country and our democratic process. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part; maybe they know exactly what they are doing/have done. I hope not, because that would mean their intentions are not good - not good for the country, nor for the world.

Thanks to the GOP, on January 20, 2017 “something wicked this way comes.” God bless help America.

 OH, Ohio (Part 1)
 OH, Ohio (Part 2)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: "OH, Ohio! (Part 3)" in its first draft was intended to be published before the election. It was a long, very long, piece. I had wanted to reach a certain audience, but realized that the audience I wished to sway would only hear what they want to hear (that and it seems they have the attention span of a gnat, when it comes to reading). Anyway, something told me to hold off on publishing it, and in light of election results, I’m glad I did. This version is almost completely remodeled - much like ‘Lady Trump-Macbeth’ with her enhanced bust, new nose and expressionless Botox- face. (That was Nasty of me, wasn’t it? Oops.) Be sure to read “OH, Ohio! (Part 4): The State of My Broken Heart”. Peace.

Bonnie Bertelson

Bonnie Bertelson

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