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To get into the mind of a Trump supporter seems like an impossible task at first. However, like their values and sentence structure, it is quite simple. After speaking with over 70 Trump supporters, they are not as excited for Trump as they are filled with hatred for Clinton. I have heard Trump fans call Hillary names, regurgitate falsehoods, and simply make up stuff on the spot about her. But why? Is it as simple as being sexist? I do not think it is just that. I feel that just saying these people are sexist is like picking a leaf from a rose bush and calling it a bouquet. There are many reasons why they dislike Hillary and it has very little to do with who she actually is or what she stands for as a political figure.

People like to say they do not like the policies of a person they are not going to vote for; however when pressed, they generally cannot think of any policies. For instance, when Obama was elected I had to hear (for almost eight damn years now) about how horrible the world will be, how horrible America has become with him in office, how he is a Muslim, how he is not even from America, etc... Anytime I heard someone complain about Obama, I asked them this question: “Why do you not like him, exactly?” Most of the time I was met with, “I do not hate him, I hate his policies.” And my follow up was always, “What policies?” Only ONE out of countless people in my red home-state of Missouri knew of a policy of Obama’s. How ridiculous is that? The media, friends, family, and of course the church has influenced not just the values, ethics, morals, and belief systems, but the ability to be an independent, logical thinker.

They say they love Trump because he just says whatever he wants to say. They love him because he is going to “Make America Great Again.” They love him because he is going to have “the best immigration policies” and “the best foreign policies” ever. Although Trump has pretty much only stated that his policies involve a wall, closed borders, and simply not talking to our enemies. I can understand those reasons from people, even if they are misguided and are wearing a large sign on their foreheads showing how lazy a person can be with their thinking. What I cannot understand is someone voting for Trump just because they do not like Hillary.

A short story about a man I spoke to the other day. I called person I know who is a 53-year-old, white, medical doctor, a husband, and a father to four children. I have known him since I was 18 through a medical program I was in. Even though he is not a friend of mine or someone I would socially hang out with, I have kept him as a talking “buddy” in order to watch, listen, and learn how an extremely opposing view is because I believe that being around people who are completely different than I am makes me a stronger / wiser person. I called and during the conversation I said to him, “So .. you going to vote for Trump, for real?” He responded, “You’re damn right! For no other reason than to keep that bitch out of office!!” This simple statement shows: 1. He has no real reason for voting Trump, and 2. He just called a woman “bitch” for no reason either. This is a mentality that is not easily changed and is caused by the environment, upbringing, and social status. His parents are also Republican and that is how he was raised, all of his friends are Republican because his friends are his church buddies, and he is wealthy with an extremely entitled attitude about that.

This person does make over 15k per month and he likes to talk about his money often. He even likes to go to the cheapest, dirtiest bar in town in order to impress those people with buying rounds. He once said to me, “I go there because just walking in there makes me feel like a millionaire.” He has also said about the people in the bar, “I love it when I sit next to one of them. It makes me look really good, and I am pretty damn good already.” He loves to talk about his church and how active he is in it. He loves to chatter on and on about Jesus and how well he knows the Bible. But here are some things he does not like to discuss: His involvement in at least eight abortions from mistresses he has had throughout the last 20 years. The issue he had with a prostitute from Saint Louis, Missouri blackmailing him for money because she had his child. He does not like to discuss the untimely death of that 19-year-old prostitute, and the denial of that child being his. He does not like to talk about his ads on personal dating sites, his fake ID in order to be “approved” for escort services, his trip to Las Vegas where he had sex with an underage black hooker, and he really doesn’t like to discuss his alcoholism. He also doesn’t bring up too often the four mistresses he currently has – all ranging from 18 years of age to 35 years of age – nor does he find humor when these women cause him issues at home with his wife. All of these things he has told me, I have witnessed, or he has told me whilst crying.

Now, this man is not voting for Trump because he wants to keep Hillary out. He is voting for Trump because he wants to be like him. He admires how Trump pays for women, how Trump is entitled, and how Trump gets away with it. He relates to Trump on a personal level.

People who support Trump are not doing it out of spite because Hillary is running. They are doing it because on some level, they too are repressed, racist, sexist, chauvinistic, ignorant assholes. They have a spokesperson now. They are not voting for Trump because he will make a good President. They are not voting for Trump because his policies are the best ever. And they are certainly not voting for Trump because he is a good-values family man.

Many Trump supporters have the same mindset. For example, they will say and/or do absurd things, then they are called out or exposed for the crazy shit they are doing, and then they demand an apology for being exposed for something they did. “They are being mean to me” is a common phrase along with, “This is rigged.” They can never accept responsibility for their actions, unless there is a good outcome, and they can never understand that they are not the best person for a job. They are severely sore losers who cannot even try to comprehend that not all people want what they want out of life. They do not understand that Black Americans, women, Chinese Americans, or any other minority may have issues with gainful employment because of the environment. They do not understand that just because they have done well or because they have a job why other people cannot do exactly as they have done in life.

These supporters are either: Military brainwashed, really rich, really ignorant, or really religious. Those last two categories are redundant in most, if not all, cases. In any case, these are people who are worried about themselves, not the entire country as a whole. Because if they were truly worried about the country as a whole, then they would be more worried about Trump’s “best economic policy ever” that will literally add trillions to the current debt.

Laura Helvey

Laura Helvey

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