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We had a great dad, didn't we? Old George, he really knew how to handle us. Remember when he won that war for us? We almost thought we were to lose but he kept us going. And don't forget how he got all of our brothers and uncles and cousins to create an almost perfect union. Almost perfect. I mean nothings perfect. We know that. And Dad knew that, he knew they hadn't created heaven. He and our brothers and uncles got it just about right. When it was time for them to go they handed our great grandfathers and great uncles the country, respectfully, and said, "We think you can handle this." And they did.

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Some of our brothers and uncles have re-shaped our country in really profound ways. Adams, Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, MLK, etc They really tried to convince us, a scruffy bag of vagabounds, to get along. They found creative ways to make improvements like damns and highways. We have to give them a lot of credit. They have had 200+ years to shape our nation. Dad taught them a lot, how to be fair, how to win, how to deal with the hand your dealt and many took his example and lead us to great things. Except the club became a bit too inclusive. They tended to only let a certain group of our brothers and uncles and dads have any input. The rules were invented by the boys and while they work for some, the rules don't work for all. That's where we are- we can pick another boy to attempt a job only our fathers and grandfatehrs could do. Or we can adopt a mother, a woman, to lead us for awhile. Let's give that a chance.

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Our moms, sisters, aunts and daughters have been asking for a turn and some of us have been allowed to play on the field and in the House, not a big percent of us; but they haven't been allowed to shape policy. It's time we had a turn. We need a mother of our country just as we had a father of our country. All the progressive countries are doing it. Why not us? And hell, shes more than qualified! If you're worried she can't do the job, don't worry. We have that covered. It's called the Constitution and there is a house and a senate where people, many of them women, will make sure she doesn't get out of hand. She can't do it alone unlike someone who claims he alone can solve our problems. His mother certainly didn't teach him that. Moms teach respect. We have a bunch of sisters, daughters, aunts who have pledged to help her keep the train on the track. The track of forward not reverse. And we have the rest of us to make sure we live together and get along. (I had not seen Louis CK's discussion of mom before I wrote this.)

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Some of our brothers want to move us back. Now why would we want to do that? We already know what's back there for women. Hell! He even told us out loud how far he wants to go back, all the way up our skirts. He wants to take us back to when we didn't own our bodies. Is that where you want to go? Back to when only a small percent of us had opportunity? This is a big country, there are a lot of us. Why we are even thinking of letting good old boys tell us what to do? Dad didn't want to be king, he wanted all of us to take care of this country together. It's time for ALL of us to govern ourselves together, not just a few for the few but all of us.

Deborah Baron

Deborah Baron

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