“If you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus. And I’m not kidding.” —John Kasich, (then) governor-elect of Ohio, at a 2010 luncheon for state lobbyists

“They can't afford health care. What are we going to do, leave them out in the street, walk away from them when we have a chance to help them?” – John Kasich, 2013 Ohio State of the State Address

to tell the truth

I am quite opinionated about Ohio’s lame-dick lame-duck governor, and his lying, two-faced ways in governance. The damage he’s done to my home state of Ohio may never be undone. The two statements at the top of this article are examples of his contradictory, self-serving, and narcissistic machinations in his quest to remain relevant in the political realm.

Since Kasich has been in office, Ohio has been in decline. He and his tea-drinking cronies are responsible for the systematic demolition of Ohio's education system, private sector jobs, public employees/union worker rights, and women’s access to medical services.

- Education: Ohio went from 5th to 23rd in national rankings, since Kasich took office

- Jobs: Kasich rejected Ohio’s high-speed rail project that would have created jobs and invigorated economic growth

- Public Unions: Kasich tried to quash unions’ negotiations rights via Senate Bill 5; he called a State Trooper an idiot, flat out lied about inviting Public Union Reps to the table to discuss SB5* and its impact on negotiating; Ohioans fought SB5 and won with overwhelming votes against it

- Women’s Health: Using Ohio’s budget as a means, Kasich has enacted 16 legislative proposals restricting women’s reproductive health choices


The 2016 Republican National Convention whores hoards will soon dissent descend upon Cleveland, and Ohio’s governor, and former contender for the GOP presidential nomination, John Kasich, will not be speaking at the event, and it is unlikely that he will be present when Tramp Trump accepts the nomination.

The GOP dodged a bullet, with John Kasich not winning the the nomination, only to be hit by the biggest stink-bomb ever unleashed on American political soil. I don’t like John Kasich, but I think he has the right idea about the 2016 RNC. Come July 18th-21st, I’ll stay far, far away from Cleveland in order to avoid the stench of “The Donald” and his whores hoards.

*During the fight against SB5, Ohio's award winning Plunderbund.com had a “Waiting for John Kasich” photo contest in which one could “invite” Gov. Kasich to do chores, come to dinner, wash your dog, etc. Here is one of my entries, and now I extend this invitation to the entire GOP:


Bonnie Bertelson

Bonnie Bertelson

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