Queen Hillary

“Let’s move it on – nothing more to see here!” Although FBI Director James Comey gave a full, uncomplimentary report on the email server investigation of Hillary Clinton, it was sweet music to the ears of Hillary and her high-stepping horde of wheelers, dealers and ward-heelers. She will not be indicted; the Oval Office will go distaff! To no one’s surprise, Lord Acton’s adage is on full display: “Power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Big men are almost always bad men.” Post the 19th Amendment, we are dealing in the very highest level of power on the world stage. Should any naïf harbor illusions about the equality of justice in our fair nation, he/she should seriously consult the whole of American history.

The scenario certainly would kill the “blank-page blues” for a William Shakespeare:

A former queen of the realm, with the enthusiastic support of her husband, a former king, is attempting to succeed the present king, with the latter’s full-throated endorsement. There are charges that the queen in question, during her service as head ambassador of the realm of the current king, altered her correspondence by employing certain manipulative tactics with regard to the royal seals thereupon.

In the meantime, the queen has become embroiled with a competitor to the throne who is a very wealthy and wordy knave of the realm. The royal investigator in chief has just announced that, although the queen’s nebulous activities were performed in a capricious manner, without regard to accepted standards, nevertheless, according to the royal under-investigators, they were insufficient for indictment of her royal majesty. That decision, said he, would be the province of the Barrister of the Realm, who in the exercise of her office, is answerable only to the current king. It is reported that, in all innocence, as their carriages passed on the road, the Royal Barrister and the former king exchanged pleasantries.

Needless to say, that knavish contender for the throne has been pushed into high dudgeon. Ordinarily beside himself with odd oratorical utterances, he now hurls incisive invective as to the character and competence of his royal opponent, the queen – while, at the same time, reserving sufficient venom to spew upon the investigative messenger and the entire royal house of the current king.]

That is the situation at present. With these, “dramatis personae,” “Billy of the shaky spear” would have a heyday with the dénouement of this ongoing drama.

***** ***** *****

For Hamlet and his, “To be...” heart,
It’s sure he’d kill to have a part
In this future play,
So like in his day.
Into its very soul he’d dart!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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