Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton

Loretta and Bill
Took a poison pill

They both tossed it back
While on the tarmac.

And, while it went down,
Like a silly clown,

They tiptoed aboard
Her plane, thereby moored.

Thermometers there
Revealed hell-hot air,

So they, don’t you see,
Required A.C.

Agendas, they say,
Were not there in play.

If not, wonder I,
Then, why pretend-fly?

A Martian on leave
Could see up that sleeve.

They say ‘twas about
Grand kids and Bill’s gout.

Well, then, whoop-dee-doo,
I’m good -- How ‘bout you?

Bill gave her a boost
When he ruled the roost.

But, this ain’t that day,
So wy’d she not say,

“Bill, get off my plane!
“Can’t you see the pain,

“When this thing gets out?
“The hue and the shout

“Will wake sleeping heads,
“That which one most dreads

“Will become a ‘thing’ –
“The angels will sing;

“The devils will drool.
“You ain’t seen such ‘cruel’!

“The damage is there,
“Ergo, life ain’t fair.

“You lied once before –
“And, I ain’t your whore!

“But, screwed am I now,
“For this fake pow-wow!”

Bet Hillary’s pissed! --
“Oh, how I insist

“That you damned stuffed bear
“Take caution and care;

“Try not to ignite
“Bright flares in our night.

“The damage is done, “You son-of-a-gun!”

The trouble with this
Vinegar and piss,

Whatever was said,
Can all-ways be read.

Loretta now says.
“I’m clean; here’s my ‘res’.”

But, it ain’t you, girl;
You’re caught in a swirl.

Some pills are dang’rous,
Poisonous for us.

Bill Clinton’s a pill,
And, girl, you’re now ill!

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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