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Avant le déluge: Incredibly, against an impending Trump victory, longtime GOP faithful Mr. Moneybags, mega-billionaire Charles Koch (pronounced “Coke”), announced that if Donald Trump were to become the Republican candidate for the presidency, he would be inclined to vote for Hillary Clinton!!!

Après le déluge: Not only incredibly – but implausibly – George Will, the elegant, brilliant, ultra-conservative columnist and chastising keeper of the Republican flame, allows as to how it is now GOP orthodoxy to assure the defeat of Donald Trump in all 50 states of the union!!!

Republicans are in a dither, scurrying about between the above two extremes. Some are suggesting the creation of a brand new political party. Even with those reluctantly rallying around a fatally flawed, general election candidate, the options for the GOP seem to be defeat or disintegration. All generations of the Bush family have closed their doors and shuttered their windows for the rest of the election season. The Speaker of the House – who is Chairman of the Republican National Convention and former Vice Presidential Nominee – is not, as yet, prepared to support the presumed nominee of the Republican Party. The now-chosen one grossly has offended the very groups he needs to win over in order to succeed to the presidency – ethnic minorities!

Republicans sometimes refer to members of their party who do not adhere to strict dogma as being, “RINOs,” (Republicans in name only). Interestingly, the biggest RINO of all is the present-day Republican Party itself. Although, often, they mistakenly and cynically refer to themselves as, “The Party of Lincoln,” he would agree that they are, in fact, naught but RINOs! Lincoln left the politically and morally ill-fitted Whig Party and joined the Republican Party shortly after its birth in 1856. Those Republicans became a coalition of all the forces that were against slavery and its expansion into the new territories. They became a force for true liberty and the preservation of the Union.

When that “Niggah-lovin’, piece of White Trash,” Abraham Lincoln, barely made it to the presidency in 1860, there is no doubt why the mainly Democratic southern states – already at the point of succession – suddenly panicked and dived over the cliff, into the maelstrom. Lincoln surprised both sides with his deft handling of what almost became, “natiocide.” It was that trial that turned him into the Lincoln we know and revere. It was that Lincoln who left his imprimatur upon the Republican Party – consisting of true liberals and former bondsfolk – into the 20th century.

After the turn of the century, the Dems and now-GOP began to mix it up with Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moosers. It was the stock market crash in 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression that gave impetus to the beginning of the polar-shift of the Democratic and Republican Parties. After Demo Franklin Roosevelt defeated GOP Herbert Hoover in 1932, he initiated the alphabet programs that began to feed, employ and buoy the spirits of a dispirited, hungry people. Although few African Americans could vote in the South, their Republican sentiments began to shift toward the Democrats, bringing about FDR’s Solid South. FDR affected the North in the same way. His astute, political acumen earned him four, unprecedented terms as president.

The Solid Democratic South began to break up in the early 60s, when White southerners began to find themselves uncomfortably voting for a Democratic Party that was beginning to upset their comfortable, apartheid way of life. Richard Nixon noted that discomfort and began to woo White southerners into his fold. These defections were costly to the integrity of the Republican Party’s ties to the ultra-liberal, Abraham Lincoln. Those ties were further deteriorated by Ronald Reagan’s emulation of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. That strategy finally was completed in the last national elections, which left every southern state now ablaze in Republican crimson.

Since race has been the underlying, active agent beneath every major event during the evolution of this society, it is no surprise that it was race that caused the complete polar-shift of the Democratic and Republican Parties. While the Demos comfortably have absorbed the Lincolnite spirit of freedom and equality for all, the Republicans, because of their political cupidity, have had to struggle with the “better angels of their nature” and those who carry the still-resentful spirit of the Confederacy.

That brings us to today. With the GOP still cynically engaged in the tug-of-war, as indicated above, unwilling to be one thing or the other, in walks the brash billionaire, with nothing to lose, who effortlessly snaps up their whole damn party – right from under their blue, hypocritical noses! The GOP – as well as the whole world –- for several years now, have known that the majority population of the U.S. is decreasing, while the ethnic minority population rapidly is becoming the majority. With favorable gerrymandering and voting restrictive laws (recently aided by that far-right, Supreme Court quintet), the Republicans have been able to maintain governorships and the congress. It has been proven that the GOP cannot elect a president without sufficient minority support. That knowledge seems to be too difficult to absorb, and they keep on trying to foist upon the public a conservative nominee, with all of that residual, post-bellum, racist baggage that it entails.

Enter Donald Trump: Seeing, but not perceiving the unstated reasons behind the internal GOP struggle taking place, he stupidly decides to emulate the cynical Nixonian and Reaganite racist appeal. Discarding the national population shifts, he barrels straight through the GOP primary process. With the floor having been snatched from under it, the Republican Party now is in free-fall, with everyone flailing about without a parachute. The only hope is that, somehow, there will be a safety net to break their fall.

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Lincoln left a party to share –

Things would be easier to bear.

Dixie lingers long;

Ain’t no Swanee song –

No “Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair.”

Curtis W. Long

Curtis W. Long

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