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(Click here for BBC story and video on how Trump is like Hitler)

EXCERPT: Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has compared the rhetoric of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to that of German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

In an interview with Mexican daily Excelsior, he called Mr Trump's rhetoric "strident".

He added that "that's how [Italian fascist leader] Mussolini got in, that's how Hitler got in".



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And the way we think, and thus generate a world view from which we act, must be rationally challenged if we are to survive as a civilization, and perhaps even as a species.  Our world view, a set of perceptions that is often self-deceptive in nature, is all too often a product reinforced by group-defined empathies and antipathies, and by socioeconomic and political theories that willfully ignore negative externalities (HERE'S WTF THAT MEANS).  All this interacts with religions of all types that dogmatically inculcate into the brains of its adherents confirmation bias and a whole set of other cognitive biases which tend to make people reject demystifying evidence... WELL, FUCK THAT SHIT.  

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Heidi Cruz says husband will reveal ‘the face of the God’ in wacky religious rant (click here for story)

EXCERPT: Cruz’s father said the Holy Ghost had authorized the senator’s presidential campaign, and his wife said she and her husband were “doing it for our country.”

“We are at a cultural crossroads in our country, and if we can be in this race to show this country the face of the God that we serve — this Christian God that we serve is the foundation of our country, our country was built on Judeo-Christian values, we are a nation of freedom of religion, but the God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice and of consequence,” Heidi Cruz said.


To what choir am I preaching?  You've all heard it before.

Yeah, I could use the creative literary or academic styles I learned from countless college courses, research, and publishing contracts that has won me awards and pay.

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But why the fuck bother?

Last June, in Denmark’s national election, the far-right, racist and nationalistic political party, The Danish People’s Party (DF) won the 2nd highest number of mandates (elected representatives) to our parliament (Folketinget) next to the now-neoliberal Social-democratic Party (S).  But it's not just Denmark.  Take a quick read here

As a backlash against immigration grows, ultra-right parties are gaining adherents across Europe. How strong are they? Here's everything you need to know (click here for full story):

EXCERPT: Far-right parties have been gaining across the EU for several years, as nations that were once nearly entirely white and Christian have absorbed large numbers of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. These parties are right wing in a very European sense: They tend to be nationalistic, favoring promotion of Christian values and strict limits on immigration, but also support a strong welfare state for native Europeans. Their overarching theme is that the benefits of a country should go to the Europeans who were born there and pay taxes there, not to newcomers. In last year's elections to the European Parliament, the EU's legislative body, far-right parties gained enough seats to have their own bloc, which gives them access to EU funding. Led by Marine Le Pen of France's National Front, the group includes the Dutch Party of Freedom, Italy's Lega Nord, and the Austrian Freedom Party.

...Germany is a special case, because there the nationalistic far right has been practically outlawed since the end of World War II. With no outlet in mainstream politics, anti-immigrant fervor erupted last October as a street movement in Dresden. For four months, the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamization of the West, or Pegida, organized weekly mass demonstrations calling for strict controls on Muslim immigration. Now the Alternative for Germany, a small anti-EU party, has begun reaching out to Pegida supporters, promising to fight immigration and promote "more children for German families."


Maria Ventegodt LiisbergOn the heels of this, and actually leading up to it due to controversial laws actually proposed by the Social-democrats, Denmark has grown into a land where “ has become acceptable to have a [fear generated] negative attitude towards Muslims.” (Maria Ventegodt Liisberg, Director of the Equality Department at the Institute for Human rights; printed interview article, VICE Magazine, April 2016).

Right now, in Denmark and elsewhere in a Europe increasingly growing fearful of a special ethnic group which *perceptually* doesn’t exactly look or behave in certain conformist and stereotypical ways as other Europeans are *perceived* to be, racist laws based only on ethnic background are being implemented.

Maria V. Liisberg

Polish Christian-nationalists marching in protest against immigrants and refugeesPolish Christian-nationalists marching in protest against immigrants and refugees.   For article on Poland's new laws that undermine democracy and empower Christian far-right nationalism, click here for full story.

EXCERPTPoland’s ruling conservative party has passed a law that top legal and opposition figures say will paralyse the country’s highest legislative court and remove important checks on the government’s power.

...The Law and Justice party (PiS), led by staunch conservative ex-premier Jarosław Kaczyński, has already plunged the country into a political crisis since being elected in October, partly over controversial nominations to the constitutional court.

It has attempted to install five judges of its own choosing in the 15-member court, and refuses to recognise judges who were appointed by the previous parliament when the liberal Civic Platform (PO) party was in power.

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...Poland’s supreme court has said the new law interferes with the court’s independence and aims to hinder its proper functioning.

When Krzysztof Bosak – a Polish MP representing the conservative League of Polish Families – speaks about Polish nationalism his voice becomes steady, calm, and proud. “It is a synthesis of rational patriotism, Christian and Catholic values,” Bosak says reflectively. Many, however, would argue that nationalism isn’t quite that simple, or benign.

...New Words, Same Ideas
Purski spoke about an interesting trend among contemporary Polish nationalists that makes the rhetoric, language, and symbols of nationalism more mild and palatable, but maintains the underlying discriminatory nature of the movements themselves. “Politicians can talk about ‘unemployment’ and mean to advocate for closing down borders,” Purski said. “They can talk about ‘Polish independence within the EU’ and mean to argue against the influence that Jews have in transnational European organizations.”

...Contemporary Polish nationalism, defended and propagated not just by marginalized extremist groups but by members of today’s ruling coalition, visibly lacks any loyalty to liberal democratic traditions. As prominent politicians like Bosak demonstrate, certain "values" take precedence, and some of these values have the capacity to erode the universal rights and liberties that activists like Jacek Purski, and many in the EU, are attempting to bolster. It can be dangerous to make claims like the ones Bosak has made above, iterating that concepts such as "human dignity and freedom" are false, or that new left movements weaken society and dilute the Polish identity. As Poland fights to establish itself within the EU, it will be faced with an ever-evolving Polish identity as questions of immigration, migration, and religious, ethnic, cultural, and sexual diversity inevitably bubble to the surface of political debates. Politicians in Poland will have to make some critical decisions about whether or not they are willing to expand their conception of a Polish identity in an effort to protect the rights of those who do not fit nicely into the historical model of a heterosexual, Catholic family. If they choose the right-wing nationalism that exists today, the one that appeals to fear and insecurity, that excludes rather than includes, that rigidly promotes religious conservatism, they risk violating a great many human rights of a great many people by allowing discrimination, fostering inequality, and denying that which each and every one of us deserves: human dignity.



From plane hijackings decades ago to 9/11 to Paris and Brussells, we're all very familiar with Islamic fundamentalists, and a litany of terrorist actions in America, Europe, Africa and the Persian Gulf -  Middle East region. To be honest, much of it can be directly linked to a history of European colonialism and Wall Street corporate special interests, such as with Israel and fossil fuels. But essentially, it amounts to the radicalizing of groups of often marginalized and deeply socioeconomically stressed people by religious extremists.  One can also argue that the military industrial complex (President Eisenhower Farewell Speech of 1961), and the wealth which profiting from war and social distress generates to the very few behind Wall Street, creates a marketplace very vested in fanning the flames of regional and international conflicts.  And to reap tax resources, what better way is there than to generate an atmosphere of fear among taxpayers?  And as Nadine Al-Budair, a Saudi TV host bravely explains, many terrorists emerged from Saudi Arabian schools and universities.

Now let’s take an even deeper look at our own back yard with facts:

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(click here for video and article on THE DEEP STATE HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT with Bill Moyers hosting)

EXCERPT: Everyone knows about the military-industrial complex, which, in his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned had the potential to “endanger our liberties or democratic process” but have you heard of the “Deep State?”

Mike Lofgren, a former GOP congressional staff member with the powerful House and Senate Budget Committees, joins Bill to talk about what he calls the Deep State, a hybrid of corporate America and the national security state, which is “out of control” and “unconstrained.” In it, Lofgren says, elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. “It is ... the red thread that runs through the history of the last three decades. It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war,” Lofgren tells Bill.

Lofgren says the Deep State’s heart lies in Washington, DC, but its tentacles reach out to Wall Street... Like any other bureaucracy, it’s groupthink that drives the Deep State.

 Europe is imprisoning refugee children

Europe is imprisoning refugee children (click for full article)

EXCERPT: “It is outrageous that young and innocent children fleeing war are kept imprisoned behind barbed wire in overcrowded detention facilities on European soil”, said Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council Jan Egeland.

...“The way the EU-Turkey deal is being implemented at the moment is a disgrace to Europe”, he added. “We would never have accepted this for our own children – and we cannot accept it for others.”

Thousands of Refugees ‘Imprisoned’ in Immigration Detention Centres Across EuropeThousands of Refugees ‘Imprisoned’ in Immigration Detention Centres Across Europe (click image for full article)

EXCERPT: While open-air migrant camps in Greece or France have attracted much media attention lately, less prominent in the media are the migrant detention centers that exist all over Europe. They carry euphemistic names such as “Immigration Removal Centre” in the UK, “Identification and Expulsion Centres” in Italy or “centers for the internment of foreigners” in Spain.

Nevertheless, they should be called prisons, because that’s exactly what they are. They are closed and secured buildings with guards in which detainees are restricted of movement and access to the outside world. But those detained within their walls are not criminals. They are migrants – with or without the status of asylum-seeker – locked up because they attempted to flee to a safer country than their own.

The conditions inside these immigration prisons have been criticized by rights organisations concerned by the lack of scrutiny and laws concerning detention centers compared to regular prisons. EU governments are benefiting from a relative lack of regulation concerning immigration detention at the EU level

...The UK (the second largest ‘detainer’ of migrants in Europe) opted out of the 2008 Return Directive and therefore has no upper limit for the time a migrant can be detained. There have been cases of people detained for over three years for migration related causes. Detainees include pregnant women, elderly people and children. It also includes people who were jailed and tortured in the past and for whom a closed cell can bring back traumatic memories.

The desert front - EU refugee camps in North Africa?The desert front - EU refugee camps in North Africa? (click for full German journal Konkret article)

EXCERPT: this article first appeared in the German journal Konkret (issue 12/2004) and traces the implementation of the creation of migrant and refugee prisons, so called off-shore centres, in northern Africa, as part of the EU's globalisation of migration control. With the example of recent developments in EU and particularly German and Italian relations with Libya, the author highlights the relationship between military, economic and migration control agreements between the EU and third countries and documents the devastating effect these have for migrants and refugees caught up in the militarisation of the EU's external borders.

"How can you forget the concentration camps built by Italian colonists in Libya into which they deported your great family - the Obeidats? Why don't you have the self-confidence, why don't you refuse?" the Libyan intellectual Abi Elkafi recently asked the Libyan ambassador in Rome, who had initiated the country's orientation towards the West. "The reason I write to you are the atrocious new concentration camps set up on Libya's soil on behalf of the Berlusconi government," Elkafi wrote in an open letter.

In June 1930, Marshal Petro Badoglio, the Italian governor of Libya, ordered the internment of large parts of the then 700,000 inhabitants of Libya. Within two years, more than 100,000 people had died of hunger and disease in the desert concentration camps. Around the same time, Badoglio had fortified the 300 kilometre long Libyan/Egyptian border line with barbed wire fence. This is how the Italian colonists destroyed the Libyan resistance. For years, they had not succeeded - neither by bombing villages and oases, nor by using poison gas. The current Italian government laughs at any demand for compensation, Abi Elkafi writes.

...Since the beginnings of the 1990's, Western European migration and refugee strategy papers point to the EU intending to export the asylum procedures to places outside Europe. They outline a global migration control approach that ensures that refugees and unwanted migrants from Africa, Asia and South America do not reach Europe anymore. Central to this concept are camps encircling Europe.

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'Guantanamo of the East': Ukraine Locks Up Refugees at EU's Behest (click here for full Spiegel International article)

EXCERPT: Hasan Hirsi has been learning German for the last year and a half, and recently even enrolled in a class that meets for five hours a day, from 1 to 6 p.m. Nevertheless, he still has no words to describe what happened to him before his arrival in Germany.

Hirsi, a 21-year-old refugee from Somalia, is huddled on a worn sofa in an apartment in Landau, a small town in southwestern Germany, which he shares with three other Somalian asylum-seekers. He is wearing a gray hoodie and has short, black hair. A retiree from Landau who has volunteered to assist the refugees is sitting next to him. He wants to help Hirsi adjust to his new life in Europe.

But Hirsi is finding it difficult to forget the past. Indeed, he still has nightmares about Ukraine, a place where he became stranded for a lengthy stay on his way to Europe. He now refers to the country as "hell." Staring at the floor, Hirsi says: "It is difficult." He repeats the same word, "difficult," in different languages.

After fleeing from Somalia in the summer of 2008, Hirsi tried several times to reach Europe through Ukraine. He was detained once each by Ukrainian and Hungarian border patrols, and twice by police in Slovakia. Ukrainian security forces robbed, beat and tortured him, he says. After being apprehended, he spent almost three years in four different Ukrainian prisons -- for committing no crime other than seeking shelter and protection in Europe.

...In 2010, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch criticized the EU for investing millions to divert flows of refugees from Europe toward Ukraine, while neglecting to take sufficient steps to ensure the humane treatment of refugees in Ukraine.

...Hasan Hirsi was 15 when he was forced to leave his home. Militants with the Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab had attacked his village in southern Somalia and murdered his father, he says, prompting Hirsi and his mother to flee to the capital Mogadishu. "Go. You are not safe in this country," his mother had begged. She scraped together her savings and borrowed money from relatives and friends to obtain fake documents for her son on the black market in Mogadishu. Hirsi then flew to Moscow and, from there, was taken to Ukraine in a car driven by traffickers.

...He spent several days wandering aimlessly through the wide streets, with pedestrians bumping into him and cars rushing by. At night, he slept in parks or under bridges. When he began traveling toward the West, he was detained by police and eventually taken to Pavshino, an internment camp for illegal migrants in western Ukraine.

...Several refugees independently told Human Rights Watch that they had been tortured with electric shocks. "They tied me to a chair. They attached electrodes to my ears and gave me electric shocks," said an Afghan refugee. A Somali complained that Ukrainian security forces had robbed him and threatened to kill him. "Listen carefully. You are in Ukraine now. Not in Germany. Not in England. There is no democracy here," a Ukrainian reportedly told them during questioning.

Denmark wants to seize jewelry and cash from refugees

Denmark wants to seize jewelry and cash from refugees and other racist issues, including denial of parent refugees to bring their children trapped by war and terror to safety for 3 years (click on image for full story)

"In recent months, Denmark has taken a fairly harsh stance toward refugees. In September, for example, authorities published an ad in Lebanese newspapers carrying an unmistakable message to foreigners who might think about seeking asylum: Don't come to Denmark.

Now, the country is debating another and even more extreme step: The government is considering a law that would allow authorities to confiscate jewelry from refugees entering the country. The proposal is almost certain to pass Parliament.

"It is pretty telling about the current Danish policies that [some] are not quite sure whether this is a hoax or not," said Zachary Whyte, an asylum and integration researcher at the University of Copenhagen. In this case, it's real.

"The bill presented on 10 December 2015 provides the Danish authorities with the power to search clothes and luggage of asylum seekers — and other migrants without a permit to stay in Denmark — with a view to finding assets which may cover the expenses," the Danish Ministry of Integration said in an email to The Washington Post.

The law would also impact refugees already in the country. It is included in an asylum policy bill that is expected to pass Parliament in January and would be set to take effect by next February. Police authorities would be allowed to seize valuables and cash amounts they deem expensive enough.

According to the Integration Ministry, "the new rule on seizure will only apply to assets of a considerable value." Foreigners are expected to be able to "keep assets which are necessary to maintain a modest standard of living, e.g. watches and mobile phones. Furthermore, assets which have a certain personal, sentimental value to a foreigner will not, as a main rule, be seized unless they have [considerable] value."
Washington Post, Dec. 18, 2015


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(Meet Norwegian terrorist, child mass-murderer, inmate, neo-Nazi nationalist, Anders Behring Breivik. Click here for the story)

EXCERPT: perhaps the worst manifestation of Breivik's scrupulous attention to detail was the police uniform he bought on the internet and then wore to sail to the island of Utøya, having called ahead and convinced one of the adults running the annual summer camp of the ruling Labour Party's youth wing that he had been sent to reassure the teenagers in the aftermath of the Oslo bombings. They sent over a ferry to pick him up. An hour and 20 minutes later he had shot dead 67 of those people he claimed he had been sent to protect; one 17-year-old fell off a cliff and died trying to dodge Breivik's bullets. Another, also 17, drowned trying to escape.

...He was particularly interested in the specifics of attacks. He noted that after Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings, the security services had banned the sale of fertiliser containing 98% ammonium nitrate. "Following that attack, the EU and US governments decided to dilute ammonium nitrate ... to 85%," he said, "and there was an understanding among everyone that it would not detonate."

...Breivik insisted he was not alone in fighting against "mass immigration". He singled out the National Socialist Underground, the neo-Nazi terror cell revealed last year as being responsible for killing nine immigrants and one policewoman in Germany, and Peter Mangs, the man found guilty last month of carrying out killings over seven years in the Swedish city of Malmö. It is important, he said, that these "heroic young people" should be "celebrated" for "sacrificing" their lives for the "conservative revolution".

The deadly plan he settled on for 22 July [I2011, including detonating the bomb downtown Oslo]

Oklahoma City bombing 1995On April 19, 1995... [white supremacist, nationalist] Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols [detonated a car bomb which] destroyed one-third of the building, killed 168 people, and injured more than 680 others. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars,  causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage.

...Investigators discovered incriminating evidence at his home: ammonium nitrate and blasting caps, the electric drill used to drill out the locks at the quarry, books on bomb-making, a copy of Hunter (a 1989 novel by William Luther Pierce, the founder and chairman of the white nationalist National Alliance) and a hand-drawn map of downtown Oklahoma City... (click above image for entire Wiki article)


Perhaps the single most dangerous step – in a progression of many incremental and all too blindly accepted steps --in repeating the history of 1930’s Germany, and indeed many places of Europe, and histories that go back millenniums, is to begin giving police powers to soldiers, thus engendering a police state.

In the Thursday, April 22, 2016 edition of Copenhagen MX Metroexpress, came a small article on page 12 whose title stated, translated, “Citizens back up plan to use soldiers as guardians.” The subheader translates to “Denmark: In a new survey, majority agrees with the idea of allowing soldiers to take over the police jobs of securing our public spaces [city streets, highways, concerts, state-church services, borders, train stations etc]."

bents putin

WWII flashback: Is history repeating itself? (click image for full article)

EXCERPT: In many ways, 2014 is like 1937 — an infamous year in which the world sank into a deep depression and Europe was on the cusp of an imperial land grab that was vastly different form the conflict that had preceded it. And the world seems to be on the cusp of making the same economic — and geopolitical — mistakes.

While I am loathe to compare anyone to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, or even Pol Pot, for that matter, each gave fairly clearly signals of their imperial intentions, shrugged off by the West, with a great human and economic toll paid soon thereafter.

Of course, other "hot spots" are being reignited by ancient hatreds, tribal conflicts, religious messianism and territorial disputes that have an analogs in other periods of history.

But to an amateurish eye, Europe, at least, seems to be struggling with the type of national identity crises that gave rise to a second world war

Adolf Hitler's Anschluss, the rapid absorption of Austria in early 1938, and the subsequent annexation of the Sudetenland, are eerily similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea and his push into Ukraine.

As Putin said only days ago, he could take Kiev, "in two weeks," if he wanted to. Hitler spoke with similar grandiosity, although his stated ambitions were, with the benefit of hindsight, largely written off as unlikely, or improbable.

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The Transformation of American Democracy to Oligarchy (click  for full article)

EXCERPT The United States has the world’s largest economy, is the most important contributor to scientific advancements, has the most powerful military and some of the best universities in the world, is a democratic state, and accepts more immigrants than any other nation. But, over time the democratic foundations of the United States, equality of the citizens and their human rights, have been eroding. It is impossible to make inequality a pillar of the structure of the state and deepen its roots, and yet to be proud and claim that the citizens have equal voting rights. When all types of inequalities take deep roots and expand, citizens lose their power to influence the political process. Let us take a look at some facts.

In his books, Inequality Examined, Development as Freedom, and The Idea of Justice, Harvard Professor and Indian economist and philosopher Amartya Sen links equality to the capabilities theory, an idea that was expanded by Martha Nussbaum, a philosopher and Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago, in her book, Women and Human Development. According to this theory, certain capabilities, such as having food and drinks, a place to live, health care, education, and job are essential to the definition of human being. The capabilities theory proposes two threshold states for the people. A life below the first threshold is not humane, while a life lived below the second threshold is not a good life.

Tens of millions of people in the United States are living their lives below the first threshold. The economic gap has been widening, denying millions of people a respectable life. Speaking about the widening economic gaps in the United States in July 2013, President Obama pointed out that the American middle class has hardly experienced any significant wage increase over the preceding decade, and that the “American dream” is turning into a myth.

...The problem is that the rich have become the most powerful political force in the United States, and the people’s votes and opinion have become ineffective, representing little more than a decoration. Many liberal thinkers believe that money is an enemy of democracy.

Political philosopher John Rawls deeply changed his field through his books, A Theory of Justice, Justice as Fairness, and Political Liberalism. In his book, The Law of People, Rawls stated that a constitutional-based democratic state is a pillar of liberalism, and that: “Public deliberation must be made possible, recognized as a basic feature of democracy, and set free from the curse of money. Otherwise, politics is dominated by corporate and other organized interests who through large contributions to campaigns distort if not preclude public discussion and deliberation.”

...In his 2014 essay, America in Decay, conservative political scientist Francis Fukuyama analyzed that processes that have contributed to the decay of democracy in the United States. In particular, he identified the distribution of power as one of the main contributing factors. Fukuyama wrote that:

“Liberal democracy is almost universally associated with market economies, which tend to produce winners and losers and amplify what James Madison termed the “different and unequal faculties of acquiring property.” This type of economic inequality is not in itself a bad thing, insofar as it stimulates innovation and growth and occurs under conditions of equal access to the economic system. It becomes highly problematic, however, when the economic winners seek to convert their wealth into unequal political influence. They can do so by bribing a legislator or a bureaucrat, that is, on a transactional basis, or, what is more damaging, by changing the institutional rules to favor themselves — for example, by closing off competition in markets they already dominate, tilting the playing field ever more steeply in their favor.”

...Former President Jimmy Carter believes that the American democracy has been transformed to an oligarchy. He criticized the Supreme Court’s vote in favor of Citizens United that has allowed unlimited funds to be spent in elections, and said:

“It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over. ... At the present time the incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves. Somebody that is already in Congress has a great deal moreto sell.”

In an op-ed in the New York Times Carter wrote that the United States violates at least 10 articles of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Among the relative wealthy and uniquely homogeneous societies, such as can be found in Denmark and the Netherlands, one can analyze perhaps a disturbing pattern among the ruling elite. This trend can also be seen within America’s ruling elite. If we look back to the era following the Great Depression, one can see it too. We can see it in the Henry Ford’s, who seized an opportunity of creating an Ivory Tower, of absolute power corrupting absolutely, and exploiting the economic pressures rising to nationalism and racism everywhere.  He, as many on Wall Street then, hedged his bets on Hitler's side.

Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938 (click image for full story)


In Denmark, from all sides of government except mostly one small party, we are watching ever more groups of people become willfully marginalized by the government. From the sick to the handicapped to the poor and unemployed, -- creeping slowly in steps -- a social net which a high tax rate had been designed to embrace inclusively; to ameliorate and help offer equal access to basic needs to all people is being systematically slashed and redirected to welfare for the corporations and very rich, such as by reducing their taxes. Denmark's education system is currently being redesigned to fast-track kids into becoming willing consumers and workers for the ruling oligarchy. The mantric rhetoric to those marginalized even by old age and disabilities -- and now often made homeless --, from top-down, even from the Social-democratic party, is: "Work shall set you free." 

work sets you free

The shit hitting the fan around the world, of nationalistic -- even religious -- movements gaining electorate power from the bottom up, is being exploited top-down by the extremely wealthy, those who sit behind Wall Street and the boards of multinationals, the 1% who now owns 50% of the world’s wealth; well, all that is occurring again, but in an unprecedented way. Inasmuch as we, among the developed nations of the world, pride ourselves for our freedoms and democracies, our basic socioeconomic systems evolved from, and carries vestigially, the ancient empire building of consolidating power among an elite few.

koch brothers spending nearly $900 million on 2016 election

(click image for NYT article on Koch brothers spending on 2016 election)

Among some of the superrich, even the Koch brothers are comparing the policy proposals presented by Trump and Cruz to something “reminiscent of Nazi Germany”, “monstrous” and “frightening.” Of course, the agenda here is obvious. And it’s a rather impressive indictment of the socioeconomic and political system when the pot that has been financing destabilizing institutions, including religious groups in the USA, intent on denying the overwhelming body of scientific evidence pointing to the human factors contributing to Climate Change, is calling the kettle black.

Christianity was not built upon the myth of St. Peter’s, that rock of god. It was built upon a rock of gold; stolen, raped, tortured, pillaged etc. from less powerful native peoples around the world as European empires went on a millenniums-long enslavement rampage. Just look at how the bedrock of Christianity in the world was founded. At the turn of the 3rd century CE (Common Era), Constantine, a western-front general embroiled in a series of civil wars with the Caesars of Rome, exploitively gained the support of one of Rome’s emerging Christian cults, all led by various charismatic leaders. Thus he became Emperor Constantine I, and thus was born Roman Catholic Church. In 325 CE, to further consolidate his wealth and power, he called forth the First Council of Nicaea. And here were written dogmatic rules called Cannon laws, which no one, under the threat of torture or death, could argue against since they were infallibly handed down, according to the priesthood hierarchy beneath the emperor, by an omnipotent, omniscient invisible being in the sky. The whole point, self-deceptive in origins or not, was (and is) to keep the general population too afraid to think critically and rationally.

The world is on fire in many places, from within America's Fergusons, to Russia’s war in the Ukraine, to Africa , to the Middle East and Persian regions. Then there's the Chinese ruling elite and an economic crash already underway. And then we have the Russian bear. But all things considered, the most powerful nation in the world is America. Are we really going to allow the product of child abuse, such as expressed by the 55 second clip below, to dictate the future of human civilization?  Or the very survival of our children's childfren's children, given the anthropogenic issues of climate change (NASA interactive site), the first mass extinction event in over 65 million years, and the interrelated social chaos and refugee crisis already upon us?

FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, reality TV, none of that will save you. Vote this November as if your life depended on it. As if the lives of every child, and their children’s children’s children depended on it.

Our biologically-evolved primitive responses to fear are what can drive us to irrational behaviors, such as xenophobia rising to group-reinforced racism and nationalism. Dovetailing into this is a perception of powerlessness and hopelessness, especially within a disempowered middle- to lower-class.  This is exploited bottom-up by religions and nationalistic movements, and by the interacting top-down influence of an Oligarchy with unimaginable power historically equivalent to that of a Roman Caesar; but which more intelligently plays the game at the global (and local) political and socioeconomic scales, and seeks only one thing: to be the grand master of greed, with you as its fearful slaves.


Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? For shit's sake, of course we’re not powerless! Never in this history of our species has what once was relegated to myths and their religions become so demystified by the facts which our scientific and creative curiosities are revealing at greater than exponential speed. On all interacting scales from the microcosm to the macrocosm, everything from the non-linear complexity of the human brain, to the planet’s biosphere, to the human genome and the origins of the species, to the origins of matter at the CERN supercollider, to the origins and evolution of the universe, and golden cures for cancer and so much more is being revealed and modeled by supercomputers -- soon operating at a quantum level -- so we can work with them.

Just the facts, mam.

We know that climate change has passed a tipping point, and that a horrible and escalating social chaos is upon us. But countless people vested in a future for our children and their children currently are problem solving how to adapt, and how to reduce our continuing impacts. The sciences and arts of that are integrating into an interdisciplinary field which is fearlessly seizing this moment of global-scale problems, and understanding the challenge as an opportunity to problem solving like never before.

EXCERPT from Our Childdren's Trust climate change lawsuit:

Federal Climate Change Lawsuit

21 young people from across the United States have filed a landmark constitutional climate change lawsuit against the federal government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. Also acting as a Plaintiff is world-renowned climate scientist Dr. James E. Hansen, serving as guardian for future generations and his granddaughter. The Complaint asserts that, in causing climate change, the federal government has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, property, as well as failed to protect essential public trust resources.

The Complaint alleges the Federal Government is violating the youth’s constitutional rights by promoting the development and use of fossil fuels. These young Plaintiffs and Dr. Hansen are challenging the federal government’s national fossil fuel programs. They seek to hold President Obama and various federal agencies responsible for continued fossil fuel exploitation. The Federal Government has known for decades that fossil fuels are destroying the climate system. No less important than in the Civil Rights cases, Plaintiffs seek a court order requiring the President to immediately implement a national plan to decrease atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (“CO2”) to a safe level: 350 ppm by the year 2100.


Base your decisions on facts. So many from within and around the millennial generation are doing so, much of it beneath the radar. Though the “occupy movements” seem to have fizzled, and John Lennon isn't singing anymore except virtually, these youth aren’t just twittling their thumbs while on their smart phones and pads. Many are brilliantly interacting worldwide, from the poorest to the wealthiest demographics, on all scales of what is sometimes called the Open Source universe, but not even defined by that.  There actually are Robin Hoods out there, hacking away and redistributing wealth and information.  We see some of its manifestations through Wikileaks.  We also see it from the writers and producers of TV shows like Mr. Robot.  They, as many of us in this generation including the author of this piece, are seeking a self-sustaining, free and open world view based on facts.

Natural selection interacts directly in how the parents, primary caregivers and teachers of any successful higher order species raise their offspring to be fit adults to their habitats. If we look at the whole history of our species, going back hundreds of thousands of years, the human brain is naturally selected to adapt well to all habitats on the planet; and these habitats have included extreme and dramatic changes over time, requiring intense problem solving skills.

Summing up a lot of the above information,  in a lot of places around the word, especially among parents who worked towards higher education and who are not subjected to a daily dose of socioeconomic and political stress factors and have worked to fee themselves from the cultural shackles of religion, for example, the trend is rapidly moving towards applying the latest scientific knowledge about brain development into how we nurture, socialize and educate our children into adaptively fit adults.

Barring theoretical genetic bottleneck events such as the hypothetical combination of a pandemic and the Toba super-volcano eruption 70,000 years ago, most scientists suggest we are now in perhaps one of our species most seriously threatening global-scale event ever, with a host of anthropogenic issues already impacting us and getting worse fast. But as with all past threats, this is providing a unique opportunity for how our brains are uniquely evolved to require the longest curve of childhood development of all animals we have scientifically studied to date, for our cerebral cortex to neurosynaptically wire together, including its lifelong neuroplasticity, into a fit (in the Darwinistic sense) architecture.

In fact, our species is so intelligently adaptive that we are going where none have gone before, to space the final frontier, to coin an expression from a philosopher whose TV and cinematic work has been well appreciated since the 1960's (see below).

Now that you have glanced through this article, take a journey into the future, and especially on behalf of your children, or those of your friends and colleagues. At your convenience, come back often and spend quality time with its depth and countless links within links.

And welcome to the Anhropocene

(click on image for article to understand the Anthropocene epoch of geological history)

And let us go where none have gone before

“For most people, religion is nothing more than a substitute for a malfunctioning brain. If people need religion, ignore them and maybe they will ignore you, and you can go on with your life. It wasn't until I was beginning to do Star Trek that the subject of religion arose. What brought it up was that people were saying that I would have a chaplain on board the Enterprise. I replied, "No, we don't.”
― Gene Roddenberry

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