Liberty in handcuffs

A recent trip to the City of Brotherly Love put the lie to the title of the cult hit TV show, but proved to be an emotional and educational trip.

The occasion for the visit was the kick-off rally for the Democracy Spring March on Washington. Curtis W. Long, in conjunction with Musical SoCal, had written an anthem for the cause and I wanted to show in person, the support for the cause that IFZ has shown online since its birth, through articles, videos and Facebook advertising campaigns.

We ‘braved’ the rain, wind and cold (compared to San Diego) to stand with those who spoke out against the corruption of American politics by the flood of money, often from secret sources, that has outstripped the voice of the people. I also spoke to as many people in the crowd as my voice could handle and told them about the IFZ and what makes it different from everything else on the web.

The people who were in attendance were from across the spectrum of American society, and although I am no longer in a position to make a march of that length, my support is fully behind the organizers, demonstrators and cause. There can be no true democracy in this country as long as the plutocrats and dominionists can subvert the system by simply buying it.

We were even interviewed by R. Paige Smith, cameraman Ed Grobes (who also happens to be the CEO) and Production Manager Brian Chacon from the Nazca Network!

And what a setting to remind one what democracy is supposed to be all about and what it took to create ‘the great experiment’. The few days we had to enjoy the city after the rally were spent exploring the sites where the spirit of our nation was born. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, George Washington’s House, on and on...

Independence Hall Curt and Jose 2 min

Connections to the first tentative steps are everywhere in the ‘Old City’. The list of ‘firsts’ is long and impressive.

I had a view from my hotel room directly across from the still in use Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, which is the largest in the world. And on the other corner was a huge bust of Benjamin Franklin, a man whose presence is felt everywhere in the city. I went exploring and saw the ‘New Market’ and church yards full of Patriots and Native Americans.

Of all the historically fascinating locales, the one that touched me the most was while standing in the very room where the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution were signed. I have seen it in so many paintings, illustrations and films that it seemed unreal, until I stood IN the room and saw the very chairs the Founders sat in and tried to imagine myself in that moment.

Constitution Room Curt and Jose 3 min

Our Democracy is a fragile thing, one that we must always be vigilant to defend from enemies and of late those are not the ‘foreign’ kind but the ‘domestic’ ones, who would buy their way into power. We must never, ever allow that.

The ‘kids’ (of all ages) that have taken up the challenge are still out there, no longer in Philly, but on the Steps of the Capitol building. They have vowed to stay “as long as it takes’ and get arrested (700 so far) to shine a light on the ugly business of subverting the will of the people and I stand (stood literally, for a while) with them in spirit. I will continue to do so with my words and efforts is my promise to each and every one of them.

So, bonne chance to all Democracy Spring demonstrators and to all who stand against tyranny!

Jose Rosa

Jose Rosa

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